March 26, 2007


When I think of a dream holiday, it pretty much never starts with, ends with, or ever involves a cruise. The idea doesn't beckon to me. And no, I'm not convinced by ads showing people climbing rock walls - I don't want to do that either. And I don't want to do that on a boat. Ship. Whatever.

In recent years, too many freaky accidents have come to light about cruises. People dying, people falling in, that dark seamy side that Captain Stubing never alluded to.

I remember in Bermuda seeing the huge cruise ships come in, and all the cruising denizens obediently disembarking and heading into town to buy stuff. They all dressed the same regardless of age, and when it was time to go back, they all obediently headed back to the mothership.

I hate being told what to do. I've no interest in paying a vast amount of money to sleep in a room the size of a matchbox, and after seeing Titanic last weekend (yeah, for the first time. I knew how it ended, so I didn't rush), I'm thinking no matter how swanky, no matter how fabulous, you're still floating out in the middle of nowhere.

If I go down south for a holiday (and come to think of it, it's been way too long since I have), I like the ocean. There are pool people, and ocean people. I'm ocean people. I like quiet. Pool people like swim-up bars. I picture cruises as vast swim-up bars. Where would I go to get away from all these people?

There's a bit today in a Cincinnati paper about two people rescued from the ocean after falling off a cruise ship. They refused to identify themselves, or even say if they knew each other. They were lucky - the boat turned around and found them. There'd be nothing like paying for a little snogging with your life - it seems they toppled off a balcony while they were busy not knowing each other.

She left the ship at the next port; he stayed onboard. Guess a second date is out of the question.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's BECAUSE of watching Titanic my husband refused a cruise for us for our honeymoon eons ago...and now thanks to 9/11 you won't see us fly either.
But I digress.

March 26, 2007 10:20 PM  

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