March 23, 2007

Debit Fraud & Me

If you are a debit card user (and who isn't?) pay attention: All those alerts you keep hearing about? Yeah, they happen. It just happened to us.

Debit card fraud isn't for the other guy. I thought we were pretty cautious (Brad and I have a joint account), but apparently, not enough. His debit card info was swiped last night, and they've been pulling money out all day.

After making a deposit today, I noticed a rather swelled balance. Which would have been swell, if it were true. I looked at the number, and knew instantly it was wrong. Someone had made a bogus deposit, and then proceeded to make real withdrawals. The bogus deposit was high enough to look crazy.

The bank notified us instantly, which is reassuring. But but because we hadn't used either card except for once yesterday, it was easy to figure out where it happened. Someone at our favourite pizza take-out place ripped us off. We won't be back.

The bank keeps their comments above board; technically, it isn't possible to pinpoint where the theft happened. But my sleuthing skills are good enough for me - not hard to apply the law of deduction.

IF YOU TAKE NOTHING ELSE FROM THIS PIECE, PASS ALONG THIS INFO: COVER YOUR PIN NUMBER WHEN YOU ENTER IT. Cameras can be hidden in ceilings, or someone can be watching. Information is relayed instantly to laptops computers in parking lots. Be diligent.

Here's a great source from CBC from a recent Marketplace. Loads of great information - do yourself a favour and go through it. Trust me - realizing someone has been tossing through your bank account is pretty disturbing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW! I'm glad you guys figured it out and the bank caught it. I am very leery when I punch in my the gas station I step up and cover it , and am amazed when people stare like I am nuts...but what irks me most? In check out lines and you are about to enter your info and the idiot beside you makes certain to plunk their junk down on the belt and step right beside you and stare! Um, hello? GET LOST!!!
Sigh. What a world we live in.

March 23, 2007 10:03 PM  

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