March 10, 2007

The Polar Bears are Alright

I knew a cat once, a delightful little thing with a brain as big as a grape. I have a similar cat now, because we all know there are essentially only three kinds of cats: Really smart, really stupid, and really mean. The smart and stupid ones are what makes us tolerate the mean ones. I like cats.

Anyway, this dumb cat used to run around a room full of people, then stick her head under the edge of the couch. You know that skirt thing some couches have? She'd stick just her head under there, and assume that nobody could see her anymore. Her whole body would be sticking out into the room, but no, she was hiding.

Everyone laughed and pretended along with her; I mean, after all, she was cute but dumb, and we all have our little idiosynchrocies.

President Bush isn't cute at all, and he too is dumb, but now he is sticking his head under the couch in spectacular fashion. His administration has apparently issued a memo to all American scientists who may travel to other parts of the world that says they may not mention polar bears, sea ice and climate change. Here's the link.

I'm thinking that if a scientist is in Alaska or an Arctic nation and gets up to speak at some big snazzy podium, there is going to be a deafening silence if he can't mention, you know, climate change. Oh, Dubya. Sticking your head under the couch doesn't make the rest of the room go away.

I still have readers trying to convince me otherwise (thanks for the links, Chick, I do read them!) but we are experiencing global warming. We should be concentrating less on who's fault it is (always a fun game, but in the end a finger-pointing waste of time), and just get about the business of seeing if we can mitigate some of the damage. Yes, we are a disgustingly wasteful society. Our culture has existed for hundreds of years like some zaftig princess lying on a buffet table.

Good to know Dubya has it all figured out. Just stop talking about it. I think he should have to go personally to some of these most threatened first-line nations and see for himself what's going on. I know it's still winter in most parts, but if he forgets his hat, he can always stay warm by sticking his head back up his butt.


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