March 18, 2007

War Zone

Arlene (my high school English teacher) has called today and told me 'no more sad stuff in your damned blog!'. She thought the NYT link about the divorced couple was too down. I begged to differ. After all, she can't flunk me anymore...

Sorry Arlene, but I'm going to link two more important pieces. One I've run before, back in October. It was from Time magazine, a secret letter that strips off all the propoganda of this horrible war in Iraq, and tells the tale from the only people who are qualified to tell it - the soldiers over there actually acting out the commands of the insulated politicians who don't send their own kids. War is somebody else's hell.

What reminded me of the Time piece? This one in today's Washington Post. Remember Vietnam? Remember how we would never let that happen again? How can we forget the suffering? This remarkable story is a woman's discovery of her brother's letters from Vietnam, forty years ago. He died there - her quest for discovering the brother she lost when she was 15 has crossed 4 decades.

How long until we understand the aftershocks of war run deep into our core? I just finished a novel about the American Civil War, and realized that it was only 150 years ago that a country as advanced as the United States had brothers ripping apart brothers. Read the linked pieces - you don't really have to be related to someone killed to comprehend the stunning losses we inflict on one another.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow. I am near tears reading the Post story...I am repulsed at the cover ups and the way the governing bodies poo-poo such atrocities. I know it happens and is norm but is sickening.
The Iraq story is beyond unsettling. I wish more of this was continually mainstream....the world needs to hear the real stories not the crap the Bill O'Reilly's of the world feed us.

March 18, 2007 5:53 PM  

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