March 17, 2007

With This Knife...

Maybe it's from having a marathon migraine all week, but this story in the NYT really hit something today. It's a story of marriage, and divorce, that is perhaps closer to reality than most people want to believe.

It's hard not to be tangled up with someone and then think you can stop and go forward as if nothing ever happened. It'd be nice sometimes, but not really possible.

The author of the piece, Lucy Ferriss, recounts her parent's marriage and divorce. It's a short piece, told with stunning clarity and no wasted sentiment. It's nice to hear of a truthful reality, instead of some warmed over Dr. Phil piece of nonsense.

Divorce changes and shapes us, and like many experiences some things that at first seem negative can turn out to be a gift. Her two page piece spans a lifetime - well, actually, two. Read it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That was truly stunning. My parents' marriage has been rocky at times but they stuck it out..and I see so much of them in this story.
Thanks for sharing that!

March 18, 2007 2:07 PM  

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