April 4, 2007

A Cup of Perspective

My son is getting his braces on today.

I'm working on a piece about hybrid cars.

I got stuck in traffic this morning and missed a meeting.

I had to do some photos yesterday and digital photography shows every damned wrinkle around my eyes.

My accountant called and I owe money for last year, which I will steal from this year to pay, and start a chain that will only end with death. And probably not even then.

I am happyhappyhappy to see my tulips nudging up, even though I hear we're getting more snow.

I opened this article in the Globe & Mail and fell apart. What the hell kind of existence lets me harp for a second on any of the above thoughts while things like this are taking place? There is so much shame behind my tears.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What they should be paid, money cannot buy.

My heart breaks reading this......I am grateful for my blessings and the similar day to day minor blips that you wrote of.

Thanx for perspective.

April 04, 2007 4:15 PM  

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