April 9, 2007

"My Backroad Memorial"

Often when I'm writing the Power Shift pieces, I stumble over some memory that I usually end up editing or censoring. Many of the best things that involve cars are pretty much illegal, or at the very best, not something a loving mother of two should suggest as an option.

I came on this piece in Salon today. It's great. Wonderfully written with a core of honesty that's refreshing in this day and age of 'I-only-give-them-whole-wheat' and 'pilates-is-me-time' crapola.

For a century, the car has been a defining part of our heritage. The link is one woman's memory of her brother - always in a car, always going too fast, crisscrossing the country and being someone else. Until that someone else dies the only way they could - behind the wheel. It evokes what I've been bumping around far less eloquently for a year now - the car is a symbolic vehicle of so many other things.


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