April 10, 2007

One Fish, Two Fish...

To read this link in The Guardian, you're going to have to climb over a serious 'ick' factor.

In some spas in Europe, Japan, China and Turkey, they're introducing a new treatment for skin diseases like psoriasis. You dunk yourself in a warm tank full of tiny little fish that eat all the dead skin away. While it's still on you.

Told you so. Sorry. But the story is cool enough to read all the way to the end, something sorely lacking in a lot of stories these days. Apparently these 'doctor fish' are always starving (something about the water they thrive in being too warm to support many food sources) so when someone plops a crusty ol' foot in there, they scream 'last one at the buffet is a rotten fish!' and go crazy.

You emerge, after several treatments, with your previously affected areas as shiny and soft as a baby's bottom. It's not a cure, but results can last for months. Spa owners are importing buckets of the miracle fish and firing their pedicurists. I made that last part up.

I am intrigued, after the initial wave of nausea, by the idea that within nature's ailments lie nature's cures.

I can also imagine other applications of this idea. For instance, how about if we take Don Imus and drop him off over the Great Barrier Reef in Australia? There are some wonderful big fish there that could clean him up. They're even white.


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