April 4, 2007

One More Set...

Ever since I did that boxing thing last year, the boys at All Canadian Fitness email me and call me. They tell me to come in to work out. It worked for a while, and I indeed continued to darken their doorstep in my sneakers, red boxing gloves dangling from my neck.

Then, like most relationships, the calls came further and further apart. It was mostly my fault; every time they asked, I gave them a firm 'sometime next week' answer. I am inertia personified - a body in motion is likely to stay in motion, a body not at motion is likely to sit on the couch eating chips and watching "Wife Swap".

This morning, I am going. I have at last accepted that I can't just wear higher and higher heels and wider and wider shoulder pads to disguise the fact my rear is taking over my body. There will be cussing and yelling. There will be pain, there will be much blood, some sweat and many tears. And that will just be getting my gym bag into the van.

Adam will be waiting with that tiny glint in his eye. He's the boxer. He will pretend to be happy to see me, until he realizes I have forgotten everything he so diligently taught me.

Everything will hurt, and I will wonder why I waited so long to get back here. I am booking firm appointments before I leave - they will give me a program to do at home, which I will put in my glove box and scrawl phone numbers on with a crayon at stoplights.

I think I may get a T-shirt of Sisyphus, the Greek hero who was damned to push a rock up a hill for all eternity. He stopped looking at it as punishment; so will I.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Too funny. I too have been fighting this battle...with my elliptical machine at home and the sidwalks outside. Hate it. Hate it, but alas...my tummy(s) are trying to show me just how difficult it is to stay squeezed into my pants. Not good.
Good luck. :)

April 04, 2007 8:58 AM  

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