April 20, 2007

Sorry. Sorta.

Nice watching all the news organization scrambling over their 'careful and well-thought out decisions' to air the ravings of a madman, no? NBC, chosen through some twisted luck of the draw, chose to air the posturing and rambling of the Virginia Tech murderer. You will never see his name in any of my work. This should be about the victims, not the perpetrator.

I filed a piece yesterday for next week's Motherlode, slamming the way my own paper handled the photos. Yeah, smart for a freelancer, eh? I'm not worried. They're fair. I watched some show (oh, how they all run together these days) trying to suggest that the murderer's self-portraits echoed movie posters - yup, let's blame movies. Let's blame video games. Let's find any reason at all why that couldn't be our kid.

Jackson, 12, came into the kitchen this morning. He was ready for school, the same school I went to at his age. This is our actual conversation.
"Uhm, honey? You now, if you see anyone at your school that, you know, shouldn't be there, you'd tell someone, right?" I asked him. He nodded absentmindedly, stacking his dishes in the dishwasher.
"I mean, if someone was acting weird, even if it was one of your friends, you'd tell a teacher, right?" He nodded again. This was killing me.
"Don't worry, Mom. We have video cameras. We're safe," he calmly told me.

My baby thinks video cameras will save his life.

We need our healthy children safe, and our sick children helped. We need our schools back.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't get me started on my own fears about my child at school..and my own self preserved ignorant need for the cameras there to be a safety net even though I know for fact many still come in to the school too easily.......don't remind me of how my 7 yr old child knows exactly what a damn lockdown is and how to manage being in one. I can't say I would have faired half as well at her age even knowing what a lockdown was. And don't remind me that as a mother I have no safety net anymore..I must trust my higher faith and simply pray that my child is safe.
I can't say I totaly believe that anymore than you.
My duaghter also goes to my old school...and wow, different times now means so much more.

April 22, 2007 2:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Re: The media

In the song "Dirty Laundry", Don Henley went on about how the news wanted to show blood and gore, "Bubble headed bleach blond...she can tell you bout the plane crash, with a gleam in her eye."

News has turned into base voyerism.

Case in point: In Feburary, a 16 yr old in Brantford was being honoured with a citation for bravery. Politicains, dignitaries and all media outlets, (local paper, radio, Hamilton and Kitchener TV news) were sent releases and invited. Military Officals pinned a medal on her chest, the politicans showed and made speeches, proud relatives and friends were there and took many pictures, not one media outlet cared enough to show.

A few weeks later, again in Brantford, a group of high school students, obviously up to no good, staged a walkout in protest of a school closure. This time, the media was tripping over themslves. CBC, CTV and CH came and covered the unruly mob and interviewed some of the miscreant students, including the above mentioned 16 yr old. She got 1 1/2 minutes of airtime for being disruptive and protesting.

Whats the lesson here to our youth?

Acting up gets more attention than acting right. Thats what the media promotes.

The source of my information: it was my Daughter both times.

DJ Weatherbee

April 27, 2007 10:05 PM  

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