May 27, 2007

Grass & Toads

For reasons I may never understand, I decided to cut the grass today. I don't cut the grass. Marc started doing it a couple of years ago when he became the tallest person in the house, and Brad did it when he moved in years ago. Before that, I did it, but it took me two days and a lot of Tylenol. We have a big yard.

The front yard is all ratty and crappy, and it's like mowing a washboard. The back yard, on the other hand, is a wonderland of new sod (3 years ago), and big enough for the boys to play full out soccer on. The house itself is pretty much falling apart at the seams, but the back yard is my oasis. I usually do the edging with the weedwacker, because I don't trust the boys to not cut the power line.

Marc has been cutting lawns for a couple of other people this year, so I don't think it's fair to make him do ours as well. Brad has been studying and working, so I told Jackson, 12, that it was time for him to step up. He looked at me. He's a wee lad, and our lawnmower is this big Honda that weighs twice what he does. I told him we would split it.

'Splitting it' rapidly became me firing up the lawn mower, and Jackson hopping on his bike and taking off. With the sky clouding over, I wrestled the lawn into shape, carefully avoiding all the toads that keep me company. My stomach flips over thinking that a kid might not be quite so observant.

I sit here typing with shoulders I can barely move. I tried to remember my boxing training, and use my legs to push. Lord knows I have enough butt to power that Honda. The lawn looks great. Jackson showed up ('what, you're already done? I woulda helped') and was told he'd be doing the edging tomorrow.

I'll go ahead of him to warn the toads.


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