May 29, 2007

The Other Mother Lode...

Because I am territorial, and also quite small, I arched an eyebrow in that certain way when a writer over at the Globe and Mail launched a blog a few weeks back called 'Mother Lode'...just like that. I mean, she put a space in it, but still. When you've been writing a column called 'Motherlode' (see the difference? didn't think so) for three and a half years, things like that make you a little itchy.

Like me, Diane Flacks writes about her two sons. But unlike me, her youngest is just a tiny baby, and unfortunately has spent nearly all of his wee life at Sick Kid's hospital.

I just want her to know her little one is in my thoughts.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We all know who was first! (and best)

May 30, 2007 8:38 AM  

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