May 1, 2007

Tony Almeida

Last week when TTC worker Tony Almeida was killed while on the job, I was reading stories of traffic snarls and irate commuters and practically trying to reach through my newspaper to throttle them all. A man had died, and all these people could do was bitch. The story was all about them.

Jim Coyle said it for me, and he said it well (as always).

The funeral was held yesterday, with hundreds of transit workers lining the streets to the church. They know only too well the dangers they face every day. This photo ripped my heart out. It's not the fallen man's family, though I'm not sure how a 5-year-old girl and an 9-year-old boy go forward from here without their dad, and my heart goes out to them too.

It's one of his co-workers, also hurt. No words can reveal this grief as deeply as this photo, snapped by Carlos Osorio. I have a lot of admiration for the great photographers that work in this business, because sometimes words are not only not enough, they're just not needed.


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