June 15, 2007

Bleeding Hearts

Every once in a while a judge gets it right. You hear of a sentencing and think "finally, somebody gets to the nut of the problem (or the problem of the nut) and refuses to hide behind politics or theatrics and just does the right, sane thing".

And then other times, you wonder if they bothered to pick up their brain bags at the carousel of planet earth when they arrived. I think a Peterborough judge missed his connection.

As part of a probation order, he has decided that a 24-year-old man can't have a girlfriend for 3 years. He physically attacked a woman who tried to break up with him, cutting phone cords as she and her roommate tried to call for help, then threatening to slit both their throats with a butcher knife before stabbing himself in the heart. He lived to be found fit to stand trial.

He, of course, has Dependent Personality Disorder, because everyone has something. Especially everyone on trial. I'd give him a label for free: Misogynistic Beater Syndrome. If I Can't Have You, Nobody Can Syndrome. Wait, that's two.

But, hey. No problem. Just don't let him have a girlfriend for three years. That oughta solve the problem. Except for a couple of minor things. He is still free to roam the streets and the cyber airwaves, and we all know that you can't plan love. Even a 15-year-old kid who can't drive, is flunking calculus, has a curfew and eats dinner at home every night can sneak around dating. (Okay, maybe that was me....). How is a grown man going to be held to this?

The other big, big problem is women. Even if you tied a bag of rotting manure around this criminal's ankle, some chick is going to want him. He will be catnip for one of two kinds of woman: the Savior, who can fix anyone, and the Rebel, who can handle anything. Or maybe just the Chronically Stupid, who think he'll never do this to them. Often, 'Mothers' fall under this category. Often explains how these bastards got this way in the first place. I don't know his mother. Maybe she's as pissed as I am at the courts ruling.

Anyway, thanks, Judge. Thanks for taking seriously that this man is capable of killing someone, and that no woman who ends up dating him will ever be entirely safe. I dread the next headline I'll see involving this guy.


Blogger OmemeeOzzie said...

Missed his connection? Ha! In this part of the world (Peterborough vicinity) there are some who believe this eejit attempted to disembark the spacecraft while it was on its final approach. That, and only that could explain the (in)actions of this alleged upholder of justice. Imagine the look on the perpetrators face when he heard the sentence being passed down? Bet he sent his oblivious (..."he's such a good boy") Mommy to the closest convenience store to buy him a lottery ticket or six. With any luck, she did not play Encore and his number will came up --- in more ways than one.

June 16, 2007 7:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chronically stupid is a perfect term for many...the judges, law, etc who lack to properly convict, the moron himself, and so on.

June 16, 2007 1:02 PM  

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