June 2, 2007

Stupid Science

If you follow my thought trails with any sense of regularity (if not urgency), you will know I am Science Girl. I don't have the cape or the qualifications, but I love science, and all of its applications, especially those in the medical field. I am the grown up version of 'but why, Mommy?'. I want to know 'why'.

While I'm aware we can't all be on board for every proclamation the scientific community puts forth - in fact, isn't that the very idea? That you keep asking until you get it right? - there are general directions discovery takes that are fascinating and important. I think the reasoning I like best is that if you're going to bust someone else's theory, you better be prepared to do it with a better one of your own. Supportable, please, and preferably published in peer approved journals.

After Thursday's exhausting blog entry about the Creation Museum, I was digging around and realized many of the people that support the whole Adam and Eve AND the dinosaur thing come back to one central point: They don't want to believe there is the possibility they were descended from apes. The missing link isn't missing. If it's so, it's so. Show me. The problem is that the theories burgeoning from the extremist whackos leads me to believe it is the apes who would be insulted upon being informed that these people issued forth from them. It would be nice if we not only kept the ball in the park, but if we all played the same game. Let's keep the lab out of the pulpit.

Unless you think my faith in science is blinded by love, think again. I am sick to death of the abuse, misuse and flat out use-for-convenience that permeates arenas like our courts. Check out Rosie DiManno's column today on sexsomnia. You know, the 'I didn't even know I had sex with her, your Honour' defence. It's the sleepwalking defense, but for sex. I'm not sure which is worse; a guy not calling after, or a guy going all the way to court to say it never happened.

Of course there are 'experts' on board to prove that this is a viable condition, and they want it included in the endless list of reasons to get off. From a criminal charge (get your mind out of the gutter). DiManno does a slice and dice job that sums it up nicely, especially the pondering of just what 'violent masturbation' is. Huh?

I have another name for so-called symptoms of the 'professional' diagnosis
'Unconscious rape' - Jack Daniels.
'Violent masturbation' - high-speed Internet.
'Confusional arrousals' - sleeping around
'Sexual talkings' - I wannabe a rapper.


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