June 23, 2007

Today's Column

Since Webgod Jeff is off being eaten by mosquitoes who unknowingly are sipping on his 80 proof blood as he does a weird boy thing in Algonquin for the weekend, here's the link for today's Power Shift. Yeah, I know there's a typo in it. Writers and editors really, really don't do that to make you mad. And chances are also good we caught it before you did - only just before, and not in time to change it....

There's also a letter to the editor (scroll down) in the Wheel's section from Ron Bremer in Carlisle, reminiscing about working in his dad's full service gas station after reading last week's piece. The funny thing? It's the same station I was talking about when I wrote it. Small world.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Weird boy thing"? That doesn't sound right...

June 26, 2007 10:11 AM  

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