June 18, 2007

V.F.'s Kipling Buis

Beginning a couple of years back (I think), Vanity Fair magazine has held an essay contest for the regular folks. This year's winner is terrific. It's an elegant diatribe that in two short pages treks from an 1827 view of America by British novelist Anthony Trollope's mother to present day.

Winner Kipling Buis racks up points like a scribe dancing around a literary pinball machine. From slavery in all its forms to our tired, lazy interpretation of the world around us, he makes his points with the smallest hammer needed - there is no need for overkill.

I especially appreciate his filleting of the media we rely on for everything ("If you judged an event's importance strictly by the amount of media coverage it received, then the O. J. Simpson trial would be by far the most significant event in the history of the universe.")

Yes, it's American, but it is still relevant as our political policies and cultural temperature continues to mesh with theirs. Give it a read.


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