July 16, 2007

Bonus Motherlode

The Spec and the Star are running different columns today. This is the link to the Star one, the other one is in the regular slot to the left...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Re the Star column.
Children are are a product of their home environment, not the community.
There are kids out there that are 3rd generation welfare. Thats all they know.
I grew up as the last of 5 children in a mechanics house before they were $30/hr 'technicians'. We eventually all went to college.
When they were young, my children lived in poverty. I was a cabbie, and in the deep of winter, I knew where the food bank was. They didn't know it though.
Child care was by Grandma.
The grade schools they went to had full time police in them. Grade School! We still live in a low income part of town.
The difference is, instead of buying that case of beer or McD's, we bought music lessons and books. Eventually, someones discarded computer became a learning tool. ( We had a 5 year old that new what a DOS prompt was and could follow a directory tree)
I agree that every child is born with the same opportunity, it's what the parents put into it.
We have to educate the parents, not the children, as to the gifts that are there for these kids, and help them break the cycle.
Its up to the families to break the cycle.
You've met my kids, you've seen where they live. You know what they are doing with themselves.
Educate the parents to save the children.


July 16, 2007 10:34 PM  

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