July 18, 2007

Rabbits Breed Like, Well, Rabbits

I've only read one article about the proliferation of rabbits in the area this year, which is surprising. I feel like I'm living in a Disney film.

We have bunnies everywhere, all the time. They are cute as bug's ears, especially compared to boring old squirrels, but they make my cats nuts. The cats watch from the various windows as the rabbits neatly eat all of my hostas. Where I carefully planted big blotches of daisies last year, there are now sawed off little plant stumps. They apparently like daisies. They're in clover when they're in clover, but I worry that they're getting too tame, especially the young ones. We have one we've named Bagel because he likes bagels.

JoJo, the stupid cat, makes brave lunging motions at the screendoor at them. You could put an actual rabbit in JoJo's mouth, and she would just look at you blankly. If I opened the screen even an inch, Maggie, the smart cat, would have that rabbit cleaned and dressed and suspended over an open fire with a stick up it's arse before you could say 'step away from the bunny'.

For awhile there, we'd call the kids to come see the bunny. Now, nobody bothers. All the people that used to say that squirrels are just rats with bushy tails are now telling me that rabbits are squirrels with long ears.

I don't care. I'm just waiting for Bambi.


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