July 4, 2007

Raine, Raine...

When I was a kid, all the other little kids used to sing to me, "Raine, raine, go away, come again another day." There. You are now singing in your head. It's better than 'It's a Small World After All', though.

I used to put my head down and cry a little, not because I hated being called Raine (it was all my father called me. I was only 'Lorraine' when I was in trouble), but because, well, as usual, nobody would play with me. Some things don't change much.

But today I'm watching my yard sucking up this glorious drizzling rain, and feeling a little guilty in my pleasure because a friend of mine is stuck in a cottage with 4 teenagers, where rain is not so good. My backyard is rather large, and burnt to a crisp. When my parents owned this house, my dad had the whole yard carved up into gardens (and raspberries patches and garlic patches and woodpiles and compost heaps). Now, there's just pretty much grass.

Grass is a stupid thing to have in this country, and I feel guilty about it on too many levels. To assuage my guilt, I never water it. And then when I walk across it and my feet catch fire, I go back to the landscape drawing board. The thing is, a few years back, we had no grass. The grubs got it, and for about 3 years, there was nothing but a big ol' dirt bowl out there. Marc at the time was attending a rather posh school, and one of his posher friends looked out the back window and said, "Uhm, do you know you have no grass?". Every time my kids came in, it looked like they'd been rolling around in brown pancake mix. Of course I knew I had no grass. But I liked the diplomacy lessons this youngster had learned at his posh school.

So we eventually saved up and got grass, and the boys have run around playing soccer and beat-the-brother (rules are flexible) for a few years now. As they get older, I'm going to claim back the yard, plant some big trees, and try to phase out the grass.

But for today, I'll just enjoy the rain, and hope it's come in time for the farmers for whom plants aren't just decorations. And for all the childhood chanters? Looks like I'm back today.


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