July 11, 2007

Think You Have In-Law Problems?

I am on the record (repeatedly, and then some) for not being a huge fan of marriage for myself. Truth be told, I also do an awful lot of head scratching at the marital antics of others - and not because I'm flip about it, but precisely the opposite. It's a big deal too many people enter into lightly. Or blindly. Or both. Age has been my seasoning, and lengthened my reasoning.

But I do think you should enter into marriage with an intense scrutiny of all that you hold between you. The dynamic is going to shift; circumstances will change; the bond you forge will be twisted and tested, and if you've created a union of steel (rather than tulle), you will be able to withstand all the world can throw at you.

I wonder what this woman was thinking. Jane Felix-Browne, of England, has just married Omar bin Laden. Yeah, that's right. Osama's kid. She's been married 5 times before, he once. It must be love.

I'm not so sure that Ms. Felix-Browne-bin Laden will be able to withstand all the world can throw at her this time. She sighs that she would like to get the blushing groom a visa to visit England, but is finding it difficult. Apparently, the lad finds travelling anywhere a little tough these days. Apparently neither one could get a passport to Realityville before the nuptials.

Remember the Beatles' All You Need Is Love? They lied. You also need a clear head, a long-term plan and a father-in-law who doesn't have nuclear war heads trained at his head.


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