July 2, 2007

You Have Nora

I liked this little snip today in the NYT from Nora Ephron. I don't always love her stuff (a little too chick-litty for me, too often) but this bit on email is spot on, and it's succinct.

I like email. It's quick and efficient, and I think a lot more contact is made because it's so easy to use. I hear from readers more often than I would otherwise, and it is convenient to respond. I do respond to anything polite, whether it's in agreement with me or not. I like hearing the other side, and some of my best ongoing repartees are with readers that are firmly planted on the other side of the fence. Even thought the grass is greener on my side.

Ephron notes that sometimes email can get overwhelming, and many people find they have to walk away. I think it's what you make of it. If you encourage endless back and forth with no end in sight, that's what you get. I know readers that don't much care if I write back anything substantial. They just want to have their say, and as someone who gets to have her say twice a week, the least I can do is acknowledge that.


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