August 11, 2007

Music To No One's Ears

Because I have little to no taste in music (according to my sons), I had on some top 40 station the other day, or whatever they call them now. A song started up with this earthy voice announcing that 'they tried to make me go to rehab, I said no, no, no'.

My first thought was 'cool voice, stupid lyrics. You don't wanna go to rehab, don't go. But shut up about it already'. I'm pretty much sick of hearing about rehab, what with the Britneys/Lindsays/etc of the world parading their stints in rehab like our old neighbour when I was growing up putting her big granny panties out on the line and making us all laugh. Rehab and granny panties just aren't good career moves.

Anyway, turns out this rehab warbler was a girl I'd heard of, but never heard. Amy Winehouse. She's a little beehived strip of a thing, covered in tattoos and attitude and apparently making much noise on the music scene. The rehab song isn't much of a trick - she's got a documented fondness for the partying life, and apparently finds time to make music in occasional sober moments. Whatever. Many greater have gone before her, and done it much the same way.

She's up for some music awards. I guess she's good, I'm just too old to care. But just last week, they announced that she'd been hospitalized for exhaustion. Slate did a take on why celebrities get so exhausted here. It's pretty much what you thought. It's tough being famous, and you need a time out sometimes. But if you're famous, you apparently need a doctor's note. It's usually as legitimate an excuse as when you call into work after practicing your strep throat voice to nab a day off.

But a further story on Winehouse said she'd actually had her stomach pumped for an alleged drug overdose. Ferchristsakes. The kid is 23 years old. She's some cutting edge tattoed singing marvel, apparently, and she can't get her sh*t together? She has a husband and a father right there. This is okay for them?

Once you're an adult, you're on your own with your booze and drug problems. But if it's been cultivated in childhood, other's bear responsibility. Lindsay Lohan keeps checking in and out of rehab like it's a KwikiMart. She leaves and heads straight to a bar, because it seems she chooses rehab facilities that are strictly for the mani-pedi-facial-at-11 set. It's not just unattractive to see girls heading their career into the toilet - it's downright dangerous to see families that have ridden their kids hard and put them away drunk abandon responsiblity for wrecked lives and damaged careers.

On a totally unrelated note, this news made me very happy. I'm a huge Alison Krauss fan and can't wait to see what this teaming with Robert Plant will produce. I actually have Zeppelin and Union Station CDs in my crazy collection. Now I can tell the kids I'm not so nuts after all.


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