August 30, 2007


There can be a certain kind of (twisted) bliss in pain - it reminds you that your body is indeed alive, and still attached to your head.

I have endured some general snickering that I would approach the upcoming trip to a frosty mountain in Argentina by working out, bulking up and buckling down. But I learned long ago that a mental thirst and emotional desire are rarely enough. Of course as I drag my poor, throbbing body over to All Canadian Fitness every other day, I am usually keen to revisit my reasoning.

With the boxing, I had to go every day. This time around, I'm experiencing the luxury of every other day. It's practically pina coladas on the beach in comparison. Though a cabana boy other than Adam would be nice. The only thing he hands me are 45 pound metal disks to march up and down the sidewalk with. My workout has become some people's halftime show.

Here's a fact: If you're contemplating getting into shape for something - anything - I recommend the crazy countdown technique I am perfecting. The second time around is a year later, and I can't believe that my muscles have the memory that they do. It gets easier.

We are building up my upper body, because I don't want to drive off a cliff in nutty conditions. The last thing I want is for someone to Google 'female journalist hurtles Land Rover off a mountain' and have my name pop up. Though I realize that now I've just written that, that is exactly what will happen. I would shrug if I could.

Adam has devised a workout that will mimic the conditions I am likely to encounter. I sit there working a heavy disc like it's an imaginary steering wheel. I told him I felt like dork. He told me I looked like one. He also told me to quit whining, and asked if I'd been eating better. The man has the body fat of a raisin, and I eat potatoes for breakfast. I pretended I didn't hear him.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Forget the gym - get an oxygen tent. It'll be all about high-altitude training.

You can practise by very shallow breathing as you write your columns, then see if they make sense once you've finished.

September 03, 2007 2:37 PM  

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