August 9, 2007

Read Anything Good Lately?

No, it's not just you. The news is weak this time of year, and headlines are seemingly being pulled from unseemly places. Everyone is pulling the same stories off the wires, or covering the same event (or non-event) because there's nothing else to do.

Without an intern to go missing, there is little to exploit. I'm sure more buildings than usual aren't falling down, but it sure seems that way. One in Hamilton, one in New York, as well as several other countries. In Hamilton, there is probably some celebration going on, as the building in question is in the heart of Hess Village, the entertainment district. Recent articles have highlighted the incessant behaviour that goes along with kids out drinking - what goes in, must come out - and I'm sure people in some areas of Toronto are gazing intently at some of their buildings wondering how to make them also fall down.
Zoning happens, people.

The venerable Globe & Mail actually had a headline yesterday that read something close to this: Man Eats Own Socks to Avoid Breath Test. I can't link it, because they've disappeared it into their locked vaults. I do wish they'd scrap that feature, especially on stories that are hardly earth shattering. A story they posted today about how if a guy helps with the housework he'll get more sex hauled in the usual nattering comments of 'haven't you got anything better to publish?'. Well, no. Nobody does. Dog days, people.

I think I've read in about 24 publications now that women prefer men with soft, feminine features. Sure. Some questionable study is getting headlines it never could have dreamed of, say in October, because nothing fell down and nothing blew up and all the politicians are sitting on their docks somewhere.

For the record? I don't care what a guy looks like, as long as he folds laundry, feeds the cats, and pulls the cork for me.

Chivalry, people.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Scrubbing the toilet would go a long way for me!!

August 09, 2007 3:59 PM  

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