August 1, 2007

Why? Well, Why Not?

Oh, why not. For the past two days, everyone has had a go at this article that originated in the NYT on why people have sex. My turn. To have a go at the article.

A survey of 2000 people came up with a grand list of 237 reasons people have sex. 237. While I would naively like to believe there is only one great reason ("because you want to"), I can believe there might be several more. But 237? That's just crazy-making. Some of the reasons are downright hilarious - "to change the topic of conversation" (that oughta do it), "I thought it would be good exercise" (tell that to your partner, Exercise). Others were typically tragic - "to make money", "to boost my self-esteem" (nothing higher than sitting there later, wondering why you were so stupid).

Men and women both shared the top reason ("because I was attracted to the person"), though women were more likely to use the word "love" in their decisions. I'm thinking men probably use that word more before, and women after, and thus rarely the twain shall meet.

Personally, I think reasons change as people age, and this survey was conducted with university students. ("Because I was drunk" was a notable answer.) There are a lot that fall into the 'opposites' camp - from things I've heard over the years, of course. Like "to make him stay" and "to make him go", "because I liked her" and "because I hated her".

The full list is here - it's quite comprehensive, and might inspire the more determined among you to use the next year or so to go on a cosmic love tour. Or sex tour. Or whatever. After awhile, the reasons start to seem like the reasons we do anything. And as with most explanations, that just takes all the fun (#54) out of it. Reasons 183,184,185,187 and 189 just might put Hallmark out of business, but in such a memorable way.

I do know what Number 238 should be: "I have no idea why".

Actually, come to think of it, I'm surprised there weren't 2000 reasons.


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