August 20, 2007

You're Never Leaving the Island...

While sitting on the couch at the cottage, swaddled in blankets because it was so damned cold, I stuffed The Office, Season One into the DVD, happy in the knowledge that the phone couldn't ring. There isn't one.

We got to Season Two, where Michael Scott and the Gang are in the parking lot. Someone plays Desert Island. You know, what movies/books etc would you take if you were stranded on a desert island?

It may have been the setting, the cold or the wine, but I got to considering this. And I decided it was something we could all play. We can make it up as we go along - but it's fascinating to see what other people consider pivotal in their lives. I'll go first, and you can all make fun.

Movies: In no particular order (and with a little cheating), I'd have to take
Big Night and Diner (counting it as one; they're both about food and dialogue)
Lonesome Dove (TV miniseries, still the best western I've ever seen - I fall in love)
Stand By Me (just beautiful coming of age piece)
A Streetcar Named Desire (Williams and Brando - both flawed, both perfect)
Fargo, Raising Arizona, O Brother Where For Art Thou?, The Big Leibowski and Miller's Crossing - told you I'm cheating. But I want the Coen Brothers to make me laugh.

Books: This is tougher. I'm moody in my reading.
The Last Picture Show - Larry McMurty has never fallen out of my top 5. Ever.
The Complete Works of Shakespeare - probably a cheat, but I have an edition with them all, so that's the one I want. If I have to take individuals, probably Richard III and King Lear. And the sonnets.
A Prayer For Owen Meany - John Irving taps into something mystical in this one.
The Great Gatsby - I read it every year anyway, and I may be there awhile...
Of Mice and Men or The Grapes of Wrath - anything Steinbeck, nearly.

Maybe these lists should be ten. Or twenty. I'm lousy with music, but feel free to introduce the music list. I might learn something. I'd like to.

Have at it, folks.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I rented Lonesome Dove last night, figuring I'd watch it over the weekend. I watched the whole thing.

Thanks for this.

August 25, 2007 11:49 AM  

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