September 4, 2007

Alarm Clocks and Backpacks

So of course it's Tuesday, but my brain is screaming "Monday". The house is too quiet with the boys back at school, though I must admit I am mighty thankful to the school for providing a welcome back BBQ for the kids' lunch today. I opened the fridge, and it looks like a bunch of Vikings have been through it.

I bailed on my workout session today after waking up with a migraine. They schedule themselves (migraines, not workouts) at the most inconvenient times. I have a mountain to climb, damn it, and I don't have time for pain. The good news of course, is the promise of sub-zero night temperatures in Argentina, which means right outside the tent we camp in one night should be headache relief should I need it. I actually took a boo at the hotels we'll be at - I'm sure Robin Leach is hiding behind a planter in the lobby of a couple of them.

The editor who is sending me on this mission is making fun of my 'training'. I can hear the quotes in his voice. He told me yesterday the best thing I could do would be to start smoking, to mimic the shortness of breath in high altitude situations. I don't think he likes me much, frankly.

Watching the news of hurricanes, earthquakes and wild fires, I have to admit I'm honing my geography skills. Sometimes I forget how protected we are, nestled here in southern Ontario. Well, I forget until I'm preparing to stick my head up like a gopher on the prairie.

Back to work - the house is so quiet, I'm actually wishing the kids would come home.


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