September 10, 2007

The Ruling Crass

Gotta love elections. Topics just litter the ground like landmines, there for the plucking if you don't mind getting a limb blown off once in a while...

Today's Motherlode in the Star has smacked a few nerves...though so far, most of them are of a pleasant variety. Oh, I've been called a bigot before I even got my second cup of tea down, but in retrospect, I've had worse mornings. I've certainly been called worse by better.

Here's a heads up to politicians: We're not as stupid as you think. Oh sure, you think you're sliding some stuff by us, but for the most part, we get the medicinal value of many things that must be done in a democracy. Don't lie; admit when you've screwed up; don't underestimate how much we hate condescension.

And don't forget a growing generation who would prefer our children know great peace rather than great wealth. Misery doesn't visit your bank account before it moves in - it afflicts all.

The wisest among us strive for balance. We should start electing wise people.


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