October 23, 2007

Burning Up

When the weather is marvelous - as it has been - my neighbour Jayne and I usually sit on her front lawn on a Sunday afternoon and enjoy a glass of wine. Or three.

When the kids were small, we would call this 'watching the kids'. The kids are not small. They no longer need watching. We continue drinking wine, and now call it 'tradition'.

Sunday was particularly beautiful. And so, to ensure I tossed a damper on it, I started babbling away about droughts. The southern U.S. is experiencing terrifying conditions. I started to tell her about Lake Lanier in Georgia (where residents are faced with literally no water - there is an estimated 3 month supply left, and no more in sight. It is dire) until Jayne looked at me over her rather cool new sunglasses and told me to shut up. She didn't even let me get to the part about a state of emergency being declared. The southern U.S. is burning up.

But watching the news today, it's way past even what I thought. Horrific fires burning through California are terrifying. I can't imagine being in the core of that, let alone being a firefighter charged with fighting something so unfightable. Check out the slide show from the NYT - unbelievable.

It's not going to be about oil for much longer. Welcome to the new currency on this planet - water.


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