October 27, 2007

Here Cat, Meerkat...

Okay, you're going to think I'm crazy (or crazier - pick your posts), but the other night I sat enthralled by a show I stumbled over. I'd read about it, but never seen it, and now, after about ten minutes, I'm addicted.

Meerkat Manor. It's a little narrated real life show that follows meerkats around with cameras. I wrote about it months ago, then promptly forgot to find it. But it was on TVO the other night, and it's fascinating. There's a nice article about the first three seasons here - and more reasons to get hooked. Here's the Animal Planet website for it. Oh wait, I just saw that you can watch episodes on line at this site! Oh, I am so happy I am telling you about this!

This is a meerkat soap opera. They are odd looking little creatures, kind of part weasel, part otter, part, well, sorta human. They have little hands, adorable faces (when they're not tearing each other apart) and little ears. But the best part? This is a soap opera. These creatures live in family groups, and love and hate on each other just like real families. There's aunts and uncles, bratty kids, mothers and daughters bitching away at each other - it's amazing. With a matriarchal family system in place, the women call the shots in most respects. And when the only dominant male in the joint - their father - refuses to let any other males in to mate, they run him off. Enthralling stuff, this.

The narrator on the episode I saw is the wonderful Bill Nighy, which also makes me very happy. I can't stand most reality TV, because it's not real. Meerkats don't take direction very well, couldn't care less if there's a writers strike, and spend very little time in makeup. It's perfect.

I'm going to watch meerkats now. Because I can.


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