October 15, 2007

Odds & Sods

Got the cottage closed up this weekend. It was beautiful up there, and it's always such a drag to close it up during my favourite season. The mice were waiting impatiently by the door, tapping their feet and waiting for the last car to pull away so they could move in and find every speck of food we missed. There's some SmartFood down the couch, guys.

Read about a new product I'm am going to be lining up to buy in today's Business section of the Star. Two sisters and their mom have started a line of pre-fab Indian spices and basmati rice. I hate buying premade meals (in our house, "serves four" is some joke of a serving size), but I'm a spice moron when left to my own devices. And it looks like they've totally gone about developing this company the right way, so I can feel free to fall in love and know it'll stick around. I so hate a brilliant first date that ends with a thud. Cheers, Rachna and Mona Prasad and their mom. I'll be looking for your stuff.

Don't open any emails featuring authentic looking NFL game trackers. I mean, I would never be tempted by that, but the lads around here would. Apparently, it's a really destructive worm. In fact, I suggest you never open anything you don't recognize as friend rather than foe. E-cards are out for me now, and I wonder what I've done to receive an onslaught of penis-mail. If I had as much sex as they keep offering, I'd never get any work done.

If you haven't read The Kite Runner yet, you should. You really, really should. I don't plug many books, but this is brilliant.

Maureen Dowd has lost some of her sparkle of late (for me), but she lets Stephen Colbert take the reins here, and it's pretty funny. And for another high five to a guy I usually dismiss as too hit and miss, Bill Maher cracks one out of the park on Salon. I drove by a car yesterday (a big SUV, of course) that was plastered in ribbons denoting all the worth causes supported therein. And all I can think is that the effort to support them ended with the slapping on of the (removable) ribbon.

Okay, sorry for the run-on.


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