October 23, 2007

Things My Cat Has Eaten...

...in the past three days.

If you're a vet, don't write. I know, I know. But she weighs 8 pounds, and is as healthy as a wee calico horse. Maggie just has some very odd tastes...

1. Mashed potatoes. With chives.
2. Ranch dressing, before I yanked it away from her.
3. Half a banana. I had the other half for breakfast.
4. Most of a cheese string.
5. Several pieces of boneless chicken BBQ'd in a really nice Greek marinade.
6. Potato with corned beef. What can I say? She has her mommy's starch attachment.
7. 3 rotini pastas. With sauce.
8. 4 toast crusts.
9. Several ounces of tea, with a little milk. Not too hot. She waits.
10. Cream cheese she licked off part of a bagel. Not sure if it was before or after the kid discovered it, and kept eating.
11. 2 raw green beans.
12. I'm pretty sure it was her that licked out somebody's frozen yogurt bowl.
13. 2 pieces of apple. Granny Smith.

And of course, the most expensive food the vet sells.


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