November 16, 2007


Well, for once my well-noted, oft-remarked upon procrastination has paid off. During the great toilet hunt of a few weeks back (check the Motherlode column link), we settled upon, but didn't purchase, a new toilet. The region of Toronto had a rebate program, but since we're not in Toronto, it didn't apply.

Things got sidetracked, and the trip to Toilet Land was delayed for a variety of irritating reasons. But like owed taxes, a faulty toilet haunts the edge of your consciousness 24 hours a day. That's unremarkable - they both deal with the same thing.

Some things won't wait. Like a part-time toilet. But yesterday, I got news of a rebate for our region - for once, it's going to go my way! Our toilet derby can now go forward with a surge. If you're in Halton region, go to this link for more info. For Toronto people, go to this link.

The toilet has been the high point of the week, quite frankly. Here's a little First World bitching for you (as a 'friend' pointed out) - nothing has gone right: I spent a couple of hours on the phone fighting an invoice I'd received over a broken washer. I'd been told "all warranty, no bill" over 6 weeks ago. I was a happy girl. Bill shows up, not such a happy girl. After increasingly frustrating yes-I-know-this-call-is-being-recorded-and-it's-the-only-reason-you're-being-nice-to-me interactions with a couple of customer 'service' people, I was ready to plunge my hand through the phone and remove someone's spleen. They both stuck to their script like good little autobots, but I was livid. I reminded them that I didn't care about the calls being recorded - that was to stop them from saying something rude to me.
I am usually quite calm in these instances; but I was lied to, and it scrubbed away all the calm. Let's just say there is a certain company I will not be 'singing' anything with, ever again.

Of course, this happened on Tuesday, as Monday had it's own special little surprise for me. Two months ago, we'd ordered a couch. That is a big, big deal around here. We don't get a lot of new stuff. Two months. A phone call last week informed me they'd forgotten to make half of it. It's a sectional, and the bed was missing. Okaaaaaaaay. We arranged to get the rest of it.

Two lads start lugging it through my front door. I stopped them. I didn't order - two months ago - a beige couch. I ordered a lovely mossy sage green one. Two long months ago. Back it went. I don't do beige. So, where are we now? You got it - another two months, or more, Christmas shut downs and all. One difference? This company handled all the screw-ups with fantastic customer service. Everyone's spleen was safe.

There are far bigger problems in the world. Hell, there are far bigger problems in this house. But that's why I wanted this to go far easier than it did. I shouldn't be wasting my energy on the no-brainer stuff.

So, that's why cranky girl hasn't been blogging, and it's just as well. In between yelling into my phone and pacing around and scaring the cats, I've been working away, as always (thanks to everyone who ponied up ideas).

I stopped in at the Star yesterday (I don't do that very often), and I have to tell you, Thursday is a good day to be at this place. They have a test kitchen, and the whole time I was there all these wonderful little meals and baked goods were being trotted around the newsroom. Plates and trays of food appear under your nose - yum. And staff are wise enough to let much of it go (it'd be easy to gain a hundred pounds or so in a week), but Freelance Girl wasn't going to pass up anything.

I'm out in Dunnville tomorrow for a driving school/winter training session. Should be interesting...hope the drive out there isn't the winter test. I'd prefer the snow to hold off a day.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Too bad cranky freelance girl is not in Toronto today.

I'm in Toronto today and for the past 5 weeks I've been spending Friday nights staying with my Dad in Markham while I take a course at U of T (Scarborough Campus) -- easier than doing a 20 minute drive on a Saturday morning than a 90 minute one from home. I digress; in my overnight bag I have a 1999 bottle of Eileen Hardy Cabernet Sauvingnon as a "thank you" to Pops for putting up with me an providing the occasional vegan meal along with "twigs and branches" cereal for breakfast!

Ayway, point being that a glass of Mother's little helper would likely make the rest of your day a little easier to deal with -- at least until tommorrow as you learn to perfect double de-clutching and having someone yell, "heel, toe... heel, toe!" into your likely helmeted ear so that it'll sound more like, "hell, no!" or something...

November 16, 2007 11:19 AM  

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