November 1, 2007

Forgive Me

This is from Fox News. I'm sorry. But, there is a method to my madness. Or at least a lineage. Some hunter is saying he's taken pictures of something he thinks is a little Bigfoot. Yeah, try to follow that logic. Anyway, the photos most certainly show something totally unexplainable. Except, not so much.

Now, the only reason I'm even going here is quite simple: a year or so back, I posted something in my blog about Bigfoots (or Yetis, or Loch Ness, or something like that), and some nutter got all comment-y on me. Curiosity got the best of me (it's a cat/chick thing) and I googled his weird-o arse. Turns out he really was some nutter that ran some "institute" that not only defended the existence of odd creatures, he took visceral exception to anyone that made light of it. Er, that would be me. Sorry, folks. Show me a dead one.

Anyway, following his Alice-in-Wonderland links persuaded me of one thing, and one thing only: lad's off his meds. I'm sure that's not the effect he was going for - but anyone with a blog suffers hit-and-run posters. Moi? I love my loyalists who put their name, even a fake one, so I can at least track the pattern of abuse.

Anyhoo - check out these photos of some lame bear who looks like he's been busted out of hibernation. Or, maybe, just another shoot and run camera junkie who remembered to hide the zipper this time (run the video - it's hilarious).

Do I think we share this planet with unexplainable things? Sure I do. But I'm going to believe it's with things that once were far sooner than I'm going to believe it's with things that never were.


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