November 26, 2007

Snooze Button

For those in the know, or perhaps just for those in the care, I am a lifetime insomniac. I listen to the rest of my household drift off every night, and fight the urge to wake them up just so I can have some company.

The lad beside me can read a single paragraph and be out like a light. My 13-year-old barely hits the pillow before he's gone. I stopped looking in on the 16-year-old when he started closing his door. Even I have limits.

Our two cats sleep on me, and even they snore. Ever heard a cat snore? It's hilarious. Unless you haven't slept in nights, and then the cute kind of disappears. My father used to prowl around the house, and I remember getting up and joining him. The world is a different place at night, and the people in it are different too.

Enough slop. I read this today, and decided I was simply born into the wrong era, and the wrong country. In long ago times in France (before the 20th century), the people would harvest grapes or farm or whatever, then when the season was over, they'd lie down around a fire and sleep. For 5 or 6 months. Like human hibernation. They could actually slow down their metabolism so they didn't need to eat much, and they'd just snooze away the winter.

There were variations on this theme; some places were a little more lively, spending the winter smoking, playing cards, hunting and sleeping. I could sign up for this, minus the smoking, and only if the hunting was hunting for a corkscrew. See, I read stuff like this, and the lure of sleep is so powerful I am willing to toss aside everything else to consider stacking myself like cordwood with people and eating peat moss for months - just for the luxury of sleep.

I am at odds with the way we are evolving as a species. I don't much like the current thinking ("work way too hard, then die"), and would prefer a slower pace that let's you smell the roses before they wilt, and enjoy your kids before they are begatting their own.

I may not be able to convince my family to lie around a firepit for 5 months with me (hell, I probably couldn't talk them into 5 minutes), but I bet a slower pace would run off my sleep demons. A slower pace would probably run off most of your demons, as well.

I have a million things due; I'm going outside to rake leaves instead.


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