December 26, 2007

Box This

Boxing Day Sales. Blech.

Everyone knows the best way to start out the day after a nice, quiet family Christmas is to get up at 5am to take your kid to his job. My eldest, Marc, works for one of the Big Electronic Stores. He was scheduled to work today, and told to be at work by 5:30. I thought he was mistaken; surely he meant he had to work tomorrow. Nope. They either changed the law, or the fines are worth it. So 5am it was.

As we pulled out in the dark, you could have shot a cannon down any street and hit no one. I've never gone Boxing Day shopping, and started to wonder why my kid had to work. And then we got closer to his store. Lines of cars; not a single parking spot left. And hundreds of people snaking a long line back out to the main road. Unbelievable. Shopping? For computers and TVs?

But it only got worse. I went to pick him up, and a ten minute round trip took an hour. People are unbelievable. Honking, cussing, bird-flipping and shrieking. And some of the other drivers were pretty rude too. Okay, I stayed calm, actually. But yay for cell phones - it was the only way Marc and I could find each other, as I got trapped for half an hour on a parking lot ramp.

He hopped in, exhausted. A nine hour shift had apparently started with people sprinting through the store, after camping out front since 10pm - last night. Yup. Christmas Day, pitching tents to buy electronics. I realize it isn't Christmas for everyone, but cold is cold, and camping on a sidewalk is nuts no matter what you believe. The most ironic thing I saw today? A bumper sticker ahead of me, sported by someone intent on barging his way into a parking spot like his life depended on it: "The Best Things in Life Aren't Things". Oh, really.

I worked retail for ten years. It killed any appreciation I ever had for shopping dead, dead, dead. Marc also worked Christmas Eve, and after buying gifts for all of us, he headed to his counter to start his shift. A customer asked him some questions, and he went to grab an item to show him. The customer grabbed my son's Christmas presents and left the store. Ripped a 16-year-old kid off for a CD for his mom, a DVD for his stepdad, and a computer thingee for his little brother. He bought his little brother an xmas gift, and some piece of crap stole it.

You didn't wreck our Christmas - truly, the things matter so little, nobody cared. We had a terrific day, everyone was well, the kids got along famously and dinner was a marvel.

To the person enjoying my son's selections? Karma's a bitch.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Boxing Day Shopping, they are mental cases...Did we not buy enough gifts "before" Christmas, and haven't we had enough of tripping over people before Christmas??? What burns my cookies is the fact we fought for years to have some holiday time with family/friends and I still say the laws have too be reforced, rewritten if needed to have at least two days a year together and Christmas is the best time of all and this is what we get, greed, not only in the businesses eyes but the customers also..."hey, did you buy a portable generator to go along with those nine tv's you just bought"??? "Ah, but they were on sale"!!! Then perhaps brains should have been the order of the day not electronics...Just how many gadgets do we all need??? And to think they had to have the house rewired to run all the new stuff. Forget to buy a new elctrical panel huh??? I bet they were on sale somewhere "IF" you looked...

December 27, 2007 4:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for your boy. That experience probably soured him on Christmas cheer. He sounds like a great kid. As for the thief,I'm reminded of an old Arab curse "may the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits."

December 27, 2007 10:45 AM  

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