December 7, 2007

Lay Down With Dogs

Let me throw some names out, see what sticks to the wall. Brian Mulroney. Karlheinz Schreiber. Ah, would you look at that. They both stuck. Slime does that.

What the hell do these two really think they were doing, or more specifically, going to be able to get away with doing? You're the fricking Prime Minister, accepting gobs of cash like some doodied up Tony Soprano, and nobody will ever be the wiser?

Cash is suspect, people. Has been for years. Maybe sultans and dictators and drug lords can run around with satchels of bundled money, but the last time I checked, it's kind of a stupid thing for leaders of places like Canada to do. As my youngest says about many things, "this can't end well". Maybe Mulroney will get into a deep philisophical discussion about what "is, is". Maybe he'll insist he

Today in the G&M, Karlheinz (which I'm thinking is the name equivalent of JimBob) states that the money was 'success fees'. I want success fees. I mean, I thought Mulroney picking up a paycheque being Prime Minister was his 'success fees'. I'll even leave the 'success' part of the label alone. He was already getting paid to do his job. My success fees come from writing a piece. And if it's no good, well, the success fees lurch to a halt, and the kids stand at the side door waiting for casseroles to come from the neighbours.

Now, when Mulroney takes the stand, he's gonna bluster all over that ol' Karlheinz is a nutter. The best defense is a good offense, especially if your best defense is really, really lame. I like this quote from the article: "There is no evidence that Mr. Mulroney received money through a lawyer in Switzerland, and no indication that Mr. Mulroney was aware of the origin of the cash he accepted from Mr. Schreiber."

Okay. If someone is standing before me, wearing a balaclava (which I always confuse with the Greek dessert) and handing me fistfuls of cash while a dead body lies behind him, wallet flapping open, I know my first response would definitely not be "did you steal this?" Nope. I would never ask that question, because, it's not as if it's questionable at best to not know the provenance of your bounty - the important thing is that you take it - and run.

The true downside to all of this? We don't expect much better from any of them.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ole Karlheinz's and Mulroney's act reminds me of the Anaconda and the Crocodile fight in the Amazon on Discovery Ch. A spectacular duel that goes on for hours in the bush that ends ins a spectacular tie when the Crocodile bursts through the Anaconda's belly only to die of suffocation. Nobody wins, everyone's grossed out and the government bursary resembles said Anaconda's body.Personally, I always confuse balaclava with that instrument the Greek Guitar God plays. But you can call him, Pavlo.

December 07, 2007 11:06 AM  

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