December 2, 2007

Snow Day

Well. Guess the forecasters were right.

Mark started a new job yesterday, which entailed him getting there for 7 yesterday morning, and 8 today. I firmly told him to set his alarm, then get me up when he was ready to go. My mom-alarm went off at 6:30 yesterday, and following a light down the hall, I found him sound asleep - with his light on. But yesterday was easy, and we made it.

Today? A foot of snow buried the cars, and I'd told him to get up earlier cuz he'd be digging them out. With my nightie stuffed into my jeans, which were themselves stuffed into somebody's snow boots, I was out there, of course, digging away. As I swore away not-so-under-my-breath, he daintily dashed some snow off the car as if he were holding a bouquet of roses in one hand.

I was not in a good mood.

And is always the case when you think you have it bad, you read something that firmly puts you in your place. This series by Ian Brown of the Globe & Mail is a distillation of all that being a parent truly means. I complain of sleepless nights and arguments over computer games as he and his wife raise their severely disabled son in a halo of love and acceptance. His writing is painful at times; I don't think I want to know this much about someone's truth. But there it is, and we could use more honesty like this.

The trouble of course, is that a piece like this makes much of the rest of a paper seem too trivial to bother with. I had no patience left for silly Bridget Jones' knock off columns.

What does matter? Books, of course. I was thrilled to see Brad Smith's Big Man Coming Down the Road named to the Top 100 List by the Globe & Mail's annual year end roundup. Actually, he's in the top 25 Canadian. Head to the bookstore to pick up this one, and many of the others on the list. Some excellent writers sharing company with Smith.

I have other links for you, but I have to do some work first.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Read the link and with a tear in my eye, hugged the 3 healthy little boys that I have been blessed with. Some days it's hard to remember how lucky I am. Thanks for the reminder!

December 04, 2007 1:17 PM  

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