December 29, 2007

Walking Backwards With a Large Branch

I'm going to spend today erasing my footprints through 2007, which means doing everything from getting tax stuff together to purging into writings that may, or may not, ever see the light of day. So, I shall bring to you some funny reads you may have missed from others more able.

The first one has been around awhile, but Millington is one of the funniest things I've ever read. Look for his books through his site.

David Sedaris has a new piece up on the New Yorker - stuff about his grandma had me laughing out loud.

Bill Maher has had some good moments this year. This is a great one, his idiots of the year from Rolling Stone. Only he doesn't use the word 'idiots'.

The Beast website has its 50 Most Loathesome Americans of 2007 - love it.

There. Something to read.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

HMM, interesting list. I disliked Rolling Stone simply because it seems so juvenile. They really lost their way once music went corporate didn't they? Millington was great but sad. I don't predict a good year for him with Margret. A word to the wise... living in England is gloom by the bucket.Take Margret to the Rhineland and make merry. The 50 Most Loathsome Americans list was predictable in parts although some names slipped in there I've never heard of. The New Yorker Article can best be summed up by the cartoon on page three about the coffeee machine being out of toner. Perfecto... it has wtf factor and true city observation. All coffee machine coffee tastes like toner.Oh by the way, the password the site gave me was pretty rude, gotta like that!

December 29, 2007 3:47 PM  
Blogger DJW said...

Holy Poopypants Batman!

Millington must be the Love Child of Douglas Adams and Irma Bombeck!
Why did you keep this from us?

Now, we need a list of Canadian Idiots (Rick Mercer, are you listening?...helloooo)

Have a Happy New Year


December 29, 2007 11:39 PM  

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