January 1, 2008

10, 9, 8....

Well, twelve hours into the new year and I haven't mucked it up yet. So far, so good.

My friend Jayne and I ushered out the old and ferried in the new at her place - where a pack of 13-year-olds were practicing their party skills. It's official - I have become my parents. Looking at the kids, I could think of no reason why throwing confetti in the house would be considered wise; I didn't understand why these beautiful little girls wanted to look older; I didn't understand why 13-year-olds run around outside without coats. Of course, I was wondering all this with several glasses of wine in my gullet and a tiara on my head.

We had a wee table top bonfire, kindled with things we were letting go of and things we wanted to embrace. Sometimes the most powerful words are the ones that nobody else sees.

I've always loved this time of year for the clean slate-ness of it all. My birthday is in a few days, so I really do get to start fresh each year. Another friend reminded me today of the rocket ride the past two years has been, and to take good stock of the tools I've assembled as I go forward. She's right; I'm a lucky woman, plus I love the image of a tool belt to go with my tiara.

For fun, punch your birthday into here and see what 2008 holds. For more fun, read Dave Barry's annual round up from the Miami Herald.

Happy New Year, everyone. Dream big, wish well, work hard, and most of all, enjoy every moment as you're in it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy New Year...ushered in the New Year and there is no mention of the chocolates stuffed with Jack Daniel's, so they did bite back??? Ah I know, it was the old favourite, ice tea and vodka, topped with some good bubbly???

January 02, 2008 5:03 AM  

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