January 21, 2008

They Call Me Mister Phil

Oh. Now, things could get interesting. Apparently, the Doctor Formerly Known As Phil (DFKAP) isn't an accredited doctor anymore. The big kerfuffle was spawned from his impromptu visit to deranged, attention-whoring/desperately ill (take your pick) chicklet Britney Spears. As the big bald doc is not accredited to practice in California, his god-like appearance at her bedside is the subject of a formal complaint.

When I first heard he'd made an appearance, my first thought was 'tell him to buzz off, Britney. He's about to take your train wreck of a life and throw it under a bus for ratings', to use one of his own phrases. But still, a yet darker side of me thinks all these people kind of deserve each other. Further investigation has revealed that DFKAP isn't even licensed in Texas anymore, the spawning ground of his particular booming brand of bully therapy. He's just yelling at people on his show for fun now.

Now, for anyone who has seen his show even once, you will already know that this isn't his first rodeo. You'll have seen a picture of his first crappy car, and loving camera shots of the lovely Robin everytime he acts all 'golly gee' when talking about marriage. Oh, it's gonna be a changing day in your life alright.

I'm not sure what on earth this guy was thinking barging down to rescue Spears. That maybe a few more cameras on the situation would help? He already has enough ratings, though I'm thinking with an ego like his there is no such thing. I'm not sure how he can keep roping more cheating husbands onto this show, frankly. I flip it on to make dinner when they have nosy mothers-in-law on, because that's my favourite entertainment when I'm sauting onions. The rest of it is just sad. Twisted and sad.

But regardless of the wide range of topics this guy has tackled over the years, the point has always been (I think) for his guests to understand that they are receiving some kind of sanctioned help. That the DFKAP was an actual doctor, and that you probably wouldn't get a chair thrown at your head. Cheesy good ol'boy repartee aside, he was yelling at and demeaning people for a reason. Once he'd ripped you to shreds, he would reknit you. Most of his truths are just common sense anyway. We could have called my mother Dr. Iris for the same wisdom.

Not retaining his license to practice, anywhere, makes me wonder if he's perhaps believing his own cultivated audience of sighing silly women who all dream of being Robin. My mother would call it too big for his britches. I'll just call it Mister Phil.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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January 31, 2008 5:55 AM  

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