February 27, 2008


I know that's not all one word, but right now it is. My girlfriend hauls me to a workout class on Wednesday nights (when she can - I am brilliant at inventing excuses), and tonight she got me. I am a klutz. I have zero coordination. So, I stand around and make jokes, hoping nobody will notice that I'm just standing around.

I'm always glad I went, even though I'm rarely glad to go. I have bits and pieces I forgot existed, and it makes me want to get back to my boxing buddies at All Canadian Fitness. I mean, they hurt more, but I love the punching part. Something to consider.

I've been a remiss blogger, but it's tax time. I'm off in the morning to get that sorted - I figure, I'm already in pain, might as well do it all at once. I have a surefire way to get my poop together. I call and make an appointment with my accountant, then I have to be ready by then. For a week or two before, nobody can eat at the dining room table - it's covered with the rubble that keeps this place running all year.

Back in stride tomorrow...promise.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lorraine, the revenue dept... now that is a pain alright, a pain in the arse.

February 28, 2008 11:36 AM  

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