March 28, 2008

Beyond Rich

Here's a link to an editorial about the downward spiral of the current roster of tartlets. We don't need names - they're in your face every second of every damned day, having migrated from every down market publication right to the pages of magazines like The Atlantic. So much for avoiding the fray.

It's hard to argue the first piece. These girls - and it's always the girls - have been pimped out by their parents almost since birth. While you and I are busily saving for retirement, nurturing our own careers and protecting our children from too much, too soon, these parents have damned the torpedos, and made their daughters their career, their future, their retirement fund. They cease being parents the second they become manager. These roles are diametrically opposed - your mother is supposed to make sure your manager, if you have one, makes decisions that are good for you. Oh, hell, let's just skip a step, shall we?

No, no argument here on the facts of this piece. But take a gander at who wrote it. Bonnie Fuller. At first I thought I was reading The Onion; surely this is satire. Nope. Huffington Post.

You may know of Ms. Fuller. She's a Canadian made good, she who sprinkles her fairy dust on listless publications and turns them into money-printing powerhouses. Except, she does it by strenuously exploiting these very girls she is accusing their parents of pimping out.

She took US Weekly, which used to be a kind of shadow of People, and turned it into a glossy National Enquirer. She's also helmed Cosmo and Glamour, and has managed to fill everything she touches with lots of pictures and very few words, the better to haul in the money from those who shun literacy in favour of glitterati. She has made that other rag, Star Magazine, a bible of cellulite and garbage-picking reportage. In essence, she has dumbed down magazines that seriously looked like they couldn't get much dumber.

So, forgive me for thinking that April Fool's came early when I came across her piece in HufPo. If these parents are pimps, then she is a super-pimp. She has served us heaping helpings of this crap until you would think we would be staggering from the table in order to barf. You would think. But no, somehow, somewhere, someone still wants to know if Britney is suicidal, if Paris is engaged, and if Lindsay had implants. Fuller has made herself gloriously rich doing it.

If Fuller actually gave a rat's ass about these girls, why is she contributing to their downfall? Buying the photos that catalogue every sip, every slip, every move, every tumble? Because she is pandering to her readers. They keep buying this publication porn, which makes them the johns.

But having the gall to point fingers at the parents? That's beyond rich.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shooting Britney was in depth but I couldn't find the Bonnie Fuller piece. Where is the link to her article?

March 28, 2008 4:01 PM  

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