May 20, 2008

CHCH Live@5:30 Tuesday

How do we keep our kids safe at school? Reports are being handed down, but will anybody listen?

Tune in at 5:30, repeat at 11:30...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good show Lorraine. We can all thank the government who 15/20 year ago removed the right to disipline the children in schools from teachers, principals, persons of authority and filled the schools with the tune "Don't Worry Be Happy" and gave the keys to the buildings to the kids in an effort to keep them in school. Oh what failure. The governemt keeps making the same mistake time after time using ideas from other countries that have failed BUT in their pearls of wisdom think it will work here. DUH!!! How about getting some good, constructive idea of their own for a change but that isn't going to happen because that takes work and some knowledge that our governments just don't have. They are lazy.

May 21, 2008 7:25 AM  

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