May 29, 2008

Meanwhile, North of Iran...

The next big race for oil is going to be in the Arctic, as global warming spurs the melting of the ice and the resulting seabed is accessible for the first time.

Grab a globe (whaddya mean you don't have a globe?!), and look at where all those little lines intersect. It looks a little like a pie, doesn't it? Now trace the slices and try to determine which countries own the most pie.

I'm unloading some serious stuff today, but like all the best infomercials ("call right now and we'll send you not 1, not 2, but 4! that's right 4! ginzu knives!"), get in early and the background knowledge will pay off later. The G&M has posted an article saying that the countries involved - Canada, U.S., Russia, Finland and Denmark - have agreed to play nice when it comes to claiming this area at the top of the world.

Call me stupid (okay, stop now), but while I think Denmark and Finland seem to be of fine moral character, and of course Canada hasn't made a single daring original move since it voted to have coloured money, I have a leetle problem with the other two members of that picnic. And while the United Nations has stuck out its chest and said it will be in charge on this, I'm wondering if that body shouldn't first erase all the bootprints on its back from getting trampled in the last great oil-inspired broohaha it declared itself in charge of.

For more background, you can Google till your fingers bleed, but I found this piece in Vanity Fair particularly insightful. It's supposed to rain on Saturday. Come back and read it. I'm thinking this is gonna get messy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lorraine. The United Nations stuck out it's chest and said it will be in charge. There is enough right there to head for cover. Let me see, a make work project, an organization that is perhaps one of the most useless organizations to hit the planet other than make some cushy jobs. What a waste. There was some rumours of doing away with it, please do. Nothing more than smoke and mirrors...

May 29, 2008 1:52 PM  

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