May 30, 2008

Talk About Mean Girls

Nice pile- on for Julie Couillard, Max Bernier's file-hugging, media-loving, biker-leaning former model and professional girlfriend. You'd think she was the Foreign Affairs Minister, ferchrissakes. Come to think of it, she probably couldn't have done a worse job than most of the buttheads that Harper roulettes into positons in his cabinet. And he's been known to overlook actual qualifications in deference to the pretty - Rona, anyone?

THE FOREIGN AFFAIRS MINISTER FOR OUR COUNTRY LEAVES TOP SECRET FILES LYING AROUND LIKE YESTERDAY'S UNDERWEAR, and on more than once occasion. He promises helicopters with aid for Burma - which came as a surprise to the people actually in charge, because there were no choppers. He talks off- the- cuff (and we all know Dead Eye Harper has outlawed off -the- cuff) about firing the governor of Kandahar - which came as a surprise to diplomats who had been making progress in this area. I mean, it's not like Afghanistan is a sensitive part of the world, or anything.

This is the buffoon who spoke out of his ass about the NAFTA agreement and rocked the U.S. Democratic race.

So, of course the order of the day is to focus on his ex-girlfriend. Face it: everyone uses what they have. She has a beautiful face, a great rack and hair that swings when she walks. She works it. She's set her self quite nicely, from all accounts, being drawn to dangerous men with questionable pasts. And then she finds Bernier, and breaks out of her pattern: a dangerously stupid man, with a questionable future.

Should she have just handed the file back? Sure. But I'm rather glad that instead we got to see what Harper kept telling us wasn't there - a big risk. Bernier is a loose cannon with a big mouth - is that who we really want repping us around the world?

Everyone in Harper's world is trading on their connections to him, calling in favours and milking the public trough for all it's worth. And it's our money, our security, and our reputation.

Ms. Couillard is milking her moment in the sun, but it's not my money, and it's her reputation. I think its time to return the focus to the real story in all of this. There are definitely a couple of boobs in this screw up - but it's not the ones you think.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lorraine Julie sue the government over the mistreatment she has received and come out with millions of your money and mine. I smell it coming. That is what she is after breasts and all. She hasn't played all of her cards just yet. There is an ace up her sleeve.

May 30, 2008 12:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Lorraine. You're a blogging machine today!

May 30, 2008 12:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I dont' agree with the Julie suing the government.. She won't get a rats ass worth of a dime from them.

I smell a book, interviews, and 15 minutes of fame... and the next hapless egocentric narcassistic dangerously stupid man comes along..

For whatever we are, we are human, and we all have human behavior patterns.. and I really hope I am wrong about this.

I would really like this girl to be strong, stick to her guns, and live her life successfully.

June 02, 2008 8:51 AM  

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