May 30, 2008


Seeing as how the Toronto Catholic School Board is forcing us all back to school, I figured I'd spell that out for them.

You'll remember the recent mess the trustees find themselves in - making check lists for school supplies that include trips to the Caribbean - and Education Minister Wynne indulgent response - "now, fix this, or I'll have to step in, here's your deadline," (which they promptly blew off). I would have handed each of them a cardboard box containing the personal crap off their desks, a summons to appear in court to face charges, and the door.

To be perfectly frank, I have no clue why we are funding two separate school boards. I am totally against funding a system based on religion, especially if we don't fund all religions. I know why it was done, but it is time for it to be undone.

But just when I thought this freespending bunch couldn't get any more outrageous, I splurted tea through my nose this morning reading this quote from trustee Oliver Carroll (you'll remember him - he claimed his master's degree as a legit expense, and they paid for it. Sorry, taxpayers paid for it. Usually you have to be a prisoner in this country to get a free education...):

"At the end of the day, the only way this board is going to learn how to run the board is to actually run the board - whether or not members of the public like it...[supervision would be] 'unbearable'".

Seriously? When you learn on the job, that's called being an apprentice. When you face an elecorate and use words like 'experience', 'honest' and 'involved', you are asking to do a job you believe yourself already qualified to do. It is this self-delusion voters apparently went for.

And now of course, the budget is badly out of whack. There's only so many Italian cell phone bills, car allowances and unentitled medical benefits you can allot yourself before you're staring into the bottom of an empty purse.

An announcement has just come down: The Toronto Catholic School Board has voted to axe 85 teachers. And the 'battered trustees' are still crying in their soup over the fact that they have lost credibility with the public. You think?

I think they posed the axe over the wrong heads.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why does a school board trustee need a $100,000. expense account? Yes, $100,000. no typing error. This money wasted and we have schools in such need of repair, lack of books, special needs children, no proper teachers, the list is endless. As in the political arena at any level anymore it is not what they can do for you but what they can do to raise their standard of living and by any means possible. Not all but most float in this boat. Lorraine, you are absolutely right, they axed the wrong ones. Again the secret club protecting their members with, "I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine, I'll kiss yours if you kiss mine and remember, Mom is the word". Sick! The whole structure of elected representatives needs to be flushed and a new approach found. AS far Wynne, Education Minister doing anything of great importance, it is business as usual, pass the buck, the biscuits and coffee please. Yes, and spayed cats can have kittens.

May 31, 2008 4:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree 100%, why do we have two school boards? I am willing to bet that the majority families who send their children to catholic school don't bother to take them to church on Sunday mornings. I think it's time to get rid of trustees all together. John Snoblen wrote an interesting article in yesterday's Toronto Sun, suggesting that like the hospital board, the school system should be run by a group of smart, passionate and honest volunteers!

June 02, 2008 8:34 AM  

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