August 19, 2008


Meant to post this story sooner. Check out this house in Narragansat Bay, Rhode Island. The slide show with it is even more amazing.

Originally built in 1895, it had been abandoned and vandalised until it was purchased in 1961 by the current owner. He's turned it into an artist's colony, with everyone showing up each year to pitch in on renovations and maintenance.

Talk about a labour of love; I'm pretty handy with the power tools - wonder if they need an artist in residence who can't cook.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can't cook? How about some of that killer turkey you keep telling me you cook. Play the part of a Pilgrim day every once and awhile.

So when is the invite for next cooking of this fair bird? My invite is in the mail?

That means I'll never get it. Gee, thanks.


August 20, 2008 4:18 AM  

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