September 29, 2008

What Do Men Want?

I'm supposed to be working - and I am - but this is too funny not to link.

What makes the perfect woman? Giles Coren in the Timesonline rounds up some of the usual suspects for a peek into the male brain. Or the male something. Best line? "If it were true that women are turned on by a man who makes them laugh, Woody Allen wouldn't have had to marry his own daughter."

Sorry, Woody. Your bit in the NYT recently was note-perfect, but that's a hell of an asterisk to have beside your name. Then again, Woody's excuse, 'the heart wants what the heart wants' has since become a rather nice excuse for so many things...though I use it more for wine or popcorn than I do for men.

September 26, 2008


I've been sick and crabby. Not that the crabby is anything new, but first one kid has a cold, then the other kid had a cough, then I had a migraine, then a sore throat...the hits just keep on coming.

Today I am human. I'll be taping a CTS Behind the Story later today, which will run on Sunday. I was worried I wouldn't be able to speak. I am aware I am the only one who gets worried when I can't speak.

I'm scurrying around like an idiot, getting ready for a few days out of town next week. Never been to San Francisco, really looking forward to it. I'll take pictures, and wave. Maybe I'll pack my bathing suit - I've always wanted to swim to Alcatraz, look for the Birdman myself. Must be getting restless for an adventure - though I am getting set to get my motorcycle licence later next month for a story. Now, that should be thrills and spills all around. I called Humber College to set it up, and my first questions were all about "what do I wear?". Well, if a girl is going to be photographed sprawled on the pavement, there's no reason she can't co-ordinate her leather, right?

Couple bits for you for fun, if you haven't already seen them. Wanda Sykes on Leno the other night talking about the bail out - the woman is hysterical. Catch it here.Why does it take comedians to make sense of politics? Oh wait, because they get to stop being so vote-conscious that they can't tell the truth anymore.

And, from last night's Letterman, he's a veritable dog with a bone on McCain's no-show. Gotta love the 'suspending the campaign' crap. I don't know much about football - but does the winning team call a time-out? Didn't think so.

September 23, 2008

Kindergarteners - Smarter Than Roger Ebert

Okay, this is a cute little piece from the Timesonline, another 6-year-olds-describing-where-babies-come-from bit. Scroll down to a lad named Angus - it'll crack you up.

So, I wasn't going to link it - there are thousands of these circulating inboxes all the time. But when I tripped over this eyebrow raiser from Robert Ebert's website, I decided to after all. I mean, these tiny tots are at least half way more clued in than Mr. Two Thumbs Up. And, I think he's serious. I mean, somebody tell me it's a joke, please?

See how credibility can fall over, just like that?

Over & Out

It's occurred to me that the only thing I read in one of my local papers is the obituaries. It's sad, but true. I mean, I've always read them, but I used to read other stuff as well. Now, just the obits.

If I travel anywhere, the first thing I do is grab a copy of the local-ist paper I can find. You'll learn more in ten minutes doing that than you will from any tourist brochure. And the obits tell you a great deal.

A group of us were supposed to get together a few months back to write our obituaries. Nah, it's not creepy. Read some of the stuff that other people say about you when you're dead, and I say seize control and tell the real story. There's nothing to spur you into action like writing your own obit and realizing you haven't achieved a fraction of what you set out to do. It's also okay to realize you maybe have done some pretty great things, but not realized it. We shall reset the date. I'll order the wine. It figures this is my version of a tupperware party.

Anyway, from Fark comes this obit, written in advance, that cracked me up. In part: "He was sadly deprived of his final wish, which was to be run over by a beer truck on the way to the liquor store to buy booze for a date." Read the whole thing here.

A couple of years back I stumbled on a website that had the best obits on it. I foolishing forgot to tag it, but if anyone knows of it, lemme know. It was British, of course. There's nothing they can't celebrate with a pint and a joke - and I say die as you live.

September 22, 2008

'Cash for Trash'

Take a moment to read this op-ed piece in today's NYT by Paul Krugman.

With the American economy in a tailspin, it's important to understand just how they are proposing to pull out of it. Unfortunately, as Krugman very succinctly points out, it's not really like watching an airshow where you know all the players have parachutes.

These are deadly financial times, and yes, it does affect us, and yes, it's the doing of a Republican government that has acted with violent, criminal disregard for its citizens. Any government permitted to operate beneath the radar, away from the light of the press, and in any kind of secrecy can tilt a country to this kind of brink. Gee, sound familiar here at home?

And yes, John McCain has had a front and centre seat, and a vocal vote, on many of the policies that have set this jaw-dropping situation in motion.

September 19, 2008

Maggie & The Bean

Haven't finished processing all of today's news that's fit to print, but other things are drawing my attention on a gorgeous Friday morning.

I just sat here eating last night's mashed potatoes with a whole pile of green beans. I love beans, and the boys are not so aggressive in their love. So, there are usually a pile left over, because I am programmed to buy three huge handfuls at a time, and eat the leftovers for breakfast.

Anyway. Maggie is sitting here at my feet (she's the cat; it's not that odd), and I wonder what she's begging for. We had the original beans and potatoes with this yummy butter chicken that the President and I made last night (that's PC brand for newcomers). I got one recipe on the phone from Arlene, and found I didn't have some of the spices. Then I got another recipe on the phone from Roz, and didn't have enough of the cheese to grate that I needed. So I slopped a jar of this stuff on the chicken, and it was perfect.

But, I made over a kilogram of cut up chicken, and Christopher ate it all. There was nothing left. Except the aforementioned potatoes and beans. So, I wondered what Maggie thought she was waiting for.

Oh, an aside on that kilogram thing. The Toronto Star has a policy that everything pertaining to weight, measure and distance are to be in metric. Which is both correct and cool; if I mess up, an editor does the math and keeps me righteous. But I made the mistake a few weeks back of saying I was chasing a 4 ounce mouse. And I got a letter from some guy scolding me, saying he *wished* I would use the correct weight in grams so he would understand what I was talking about.

One day I'm just going to publish all my letters.

Anyway a couple of pounds of chicken (oops) gone like that ~snaps fingers~

But Maggie is still staring at me with big eyes-pouty lip (that's what the Poor Sod calls the women in this house when they want something - me and the cats, that is), so I tossed her a bean. She caught it mid-air, and ate it. So I gave her another. And another. Damn cat loves green beans. She's my secret daughter.

I know there are far more important issues going on the world. But for this moment, my world consists of a tiny calico and her bean, and sometimes that's just the right amount of stuff to be thinking about.

September 18, 2008

CH Live@5:30 Thursday

In British Columbia, high school kids were caught dealing from their lockers, and turning huge profits.

But wait. They're dealing chocolate bars.

I say turf the business teachers and let 'em run the program...

September 17, 2008

Webgod Jeff

So. Webgod Jeff just left. I was sitting here this morning when the phone rang.
"Hello?". Dead air. "Hello??" Finally, a voice from a land far, far away answered.
"It's me. Where's that computer place?"

Now, you have to realize that WGJ and I never, ever talk on the phone. I can count on one hand the number of times. We use email exclusively, so I don't even know his numbers, and I hardly recognize his cell phone garbled voice. But when he does call, he just starts talking like we're in the middle of some conversation, and I'm supposed to know who it is. Which I never do.

"I dunno. On Harvester," I told him. "Where are you?"
"Getting off the highway. Where on Harvester? Where is Harvester?" he demanded. He's very demanding.
"Wait, wait..." I started looking up the name and location. I knew where he meant, because we'd found it last year when he was fixing my computer for me. "Computer Corner..."
"I don't care what it's called! Where is it?"
Now, I have a wee problem with norths and souths and easts and wests. I prefer to use rights and lefts, ups and downs in my directions. I finally told him where it kind of was, heard him sigh, and hang up. I then started a pot of coffee.

Ten minutes later, the phone rang again.
"You putting coffee on? I'm coming by...."

We have odd visits. We drink coffee, and he bitches about the stuff I write. Today was no exception. He told me if I write any more politics stuff, he was going to kill me. "Enough with the politics! What's wrong with you? I don't even read your blog when you keep doing that crap! Write something better!"

I pay this man, and this is how he talks to me.

I started explaining that with two elections going on simultaneously, it was hard to avoid. He disagreed. "You're never supposed to talk about religion, politics or money," he told me. "Or sex," I added. "No, sex is fine. You can talk about sex," he replied. I told him politics can be as much fun as sex for some people. He looked at me like I had finally lost it.

In honour of Webgod Jeff's request, this post is not about politics. It is about him. There are things you don't know about WGJ, and I promised to get him back for the post he wrote about me earlier this summer.

1. Jeff has an adorable son named Steven. He's 18 months old (about), smart, sweet and obviously, a great deal like his mother. He was named Steven with a 'v' not a 'ph', because "that's just stupid when people spell it that way."

2. He takes waaaaaay too much sugar in his coffee. Like, 3 spoons too much.

3. He gets drunk easy. (*Edit: Jeff has just emailed me and said he doesn't get drunk easily. Yeah. Okay, Jeff. If this gets deleted, it means he went in and changed it.)

4. He is so sarcastic that after 2 and a half years, I still don't know when he's kidding.

5. One of his all time favourite bands is Journey. Or maybe Foreigner. They sound the same to me.

6. In a conversation that will live in infamy, we sat here discussing the whole concept of men having intimate knowledge of farm animals. Do not ask how we got to that topic - the conversations range far and wide. Anyway, WGJ was particularly appalled at the concept of anyone having relations with something like a chicken. "I mean, at least with a sheep, it's kind of soft, at least..."

7. On many, many occasions, he has hopped in his car and come all the way out here to save me from my computer. Or to save my computer from me. He lives a good half hour away, so this is very kind. It's usually because he can't make any sense out of what I'm telling him the machine is, or is not, doing.

8. He spends a great deal of time in my presence being exasperated. (*see his note on my upside down mouse)

9. There are commenters on my blog he occasionally wants to throttle in my defense. There are commenters on my blog he occasionally wants to throttle in his own defense.

10. He makes amazing websites, and has a terrific creative ability that sometimes remains hidden beneath the computer geekness of his job. If I suggest something he doesn't agree with, he says "that's really stupid, no" and proposes something that is usually better. So I let him get away with calling me stupid.

September 16, 2008

Watch What You Say...

Today, the New Republic has a handy roundup of Sarah Palinisms. The red words are mine, in case you were wondering....

On the vice presidency:

"But as for that v.p. talk all the time, I'll tell you, I still can't answer that question until somebody answers for me what is it, exactly, that the v.p. does every day?" In this case, apparently, they sit around thinking of ways to hasten an old man's death.

--July 31, 2008, CNBC's "Kudlow & Company"

On Iraq:

"I've been so focused on (impeding and abusing my powers within) state government, I haven't really focused much on the war in Iraq. I heard on the news about the new deployments, and while I support our president, Condoleezza Rice, and the administration, I want to know that we have an exit plan in place." Which, come to think of it, should mean a great deal more to me as I send my unfortunately named son, Track, off to fight. My father was a track coach, doncha know, so the name was so easy to arrive at! I of course wanted to name the child after his own father's job, but Musher was taken.

--March 21, 2007, Alaska Business Monthly

"Pray for our military men and women who are striving to do what is right. Also, for this country, that our leaders, our national leaders, are sending [American soldiers] out on a task that is from God. That's what we have to make sure that we're praying for, that there is a plan and that that plan is God's plan." I have heard Dubya and Cheney called many things. 'God' isn't one of them.

--June 8, 2008, Wasilla Assembly of God Church

On creationism:

"Growing up with being so privileged and blessed to be given a lot of information on, on both sides of the subject--creationism and evolution. It's been a healthy foundation for me. (No, Sarah, it's obviously been a painful, painful experience for you. Your brain is about to explode with the whole concept of that pesky 'science' stuff - though I'm sure even you, after praying long and hard and wondering if the public would accept that your daughter got pregnant by immaculate conception, yes even you had to go with the science.) But don't be afraid of information and let kids debate both sides." The only fear I have is people telling my children that dinosaurs cavorted with Adam and Eve a few thousand years ago.

--October 25, 2006, gubernatorial debate

On global warming:

"A changing environment will affect Alaska more than any other state, because of our location. I'm not one, though, who would attribute it to being man-made." Yup. You keep up that praying to make it go away. While you're drilling and drilling and drilling....

--August 29, 2008, Newsmax

On energy:

"I think God's will has to be done in unifying people and companies to get that gas line built, so pray for that." Hell yeah, don't waste prayers on the sick or dying, the poor, the hungry or the disenfranchised. Pray for a gas line.

--June 8, 2008, Wasilla Assembly of God Church

On receiving $1.8 million in federal earmarks for the city of Wasilla:

"FYI This does not include our nearly one million Dollars from the Feds for our Airport Paving Project. We did well!!!" Okay, I just hate hate hate anyone who says things like 'FYI'.
--June 14, 1999, Wasilla City Council Informational Memorandum 99-62

On that "Bridge to Nowhere":

Question: "Would you continue state funding for the proposed Knik Arm and Gravina Island bridges?"
Palin: "Yes. I would like to see Alaska's infrastructure projects built sooner rather than later. The window is now--while our congressional delegation is in a strong position to assist." And if they get persnickety, I can get Todd to get the moose rifle and do a little persuasion on my behalf. But don't worry about a paper trail - I have a hotmail account.
--October 22, 2006, Anchorage Daily News

On library books she doesn't like:

"What would your response be if I asked you to remove some books from the collection?" I would ask if perhaps you would like to sit and watch Footloose with me. And years from now, I will be cursing you for making me a stupid footnote in your alarming quest and having me even know what is.

--October 1996 conversation with librarian Mary Ellen Emmons, Anchorage Daily News

On the secessionist Alaskan Independence Party:

"Your party plays an important role in our state's politics ... keep up the good work, and God bless you." Oh, and you'all will be happy to know I finally have a passport, and am visiting somewhere called 'Quebec' next week!
--2008 video address to Independence Party's convention

On Ivana Trump:

"We want to see Ivana because we are so desperate in Alaska for any semblance of glamour and culture." Forget it. She used the word 'desperate' before I could get to it. But at least I'm finally starting to make sense out of that hair....

--April 3, 1996, Anchorage Daily News

On running Wasilla:

"It's not rocket science. It's six million dollars and fifty-three employees. " Actually, the budget rose alarmingly as the number of employees dropped like flies. Oh, and Ms. Palin? When you are perusing those nu-cular codes, it is rock science. You might want to keep that in mind. You may want to see Jesus again in your life time, but I'm good.

--October 1996, Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman

On being governor:

"I will unambiguously, steadfastly, and doggedly guard the interests of this great state, as a mother naturally guards her own. Like a Southeast Eagle and her eaglets, or, more appropriately here in the Carlson, like a Nanook defending her cub." And I know a great deal about all of these animals. I have most of their heads hanging in my moose skinning room.

--December 4, 2006, inaugural address

On the prospect of becoming a candidate for vice president:

"It kind of cracks me up. It is so far out of the realm of possibility and reality." Thumps head on keyboard, weeping.

--August 14, 2008, Financial Post

September 15, 2008

Ferchristsakes, Dion - STEP UP!

While it's always fun to muse (and rant) about American politicians, and shake my head in wonder at just how *stupid* some people can be - other people, of course - there has always been a bit of a lame Canadian undercurrent to those musings. We aren't that dumb. We aren't that sheeplike. We aren't, you know, that apt to have religious right-wing nutcases take over our governments, our schools and our hospitals.

Ever wonder what other people think? First, read this from the Guardian's Observer. See what the Brits think of how Americans are governing themselves, and actually see just how far they've gone. It's scary, because they're right. We're a little myopic in our American-view, maybe because our noses are pressed too close to the glass. But check out this world-view. If this doesn't make you pull back and recognise how fast it's becoming too late, there is something very wrong with your comprehension.

Now. Let's bring this home. We're in the midst of Election-lite up here. As we all pat ourselves on the back for not seeming so unseemly, like our nasty neighbours to the south, consider what Christopher Flavelle has to say in Slate about Canadians. Yep. Somebody bothered to sum it up...and he's done a damn good job of it.

WE NEED TO BE CONCERNED. I'm sorry if the Liberals elected as their leader someone who should be championed for his mind, but never for his oration skills. You must sound like a leader. You must seem like a leader. You must be a leader. How the hell is Stephen Harper looking good? How the hell are people buying his stone cold stone-age philosophies? Follow the Slate line, and recognize that what's even worse for Canadians than Sarah Palin merely being Dubya in a skirt, is Stephen Harper being Dubya in a sweater vest. Actually, maybe Stephane Dion doesn't have to worry about saving the world. Sarah Palin will just blow the whole thing up anyway, given half a chance. To her, Armageddon isn't just a movie.

If McCain gets elected, the first thing he should do is hire a food taster.

Wake up. Smarten up. Quit thinking it can only happen there.

September 12, 2008

Oh Yeah, I'm Buying It....

"You know," said Doug Finley, "what we really need, Mr. Harper, is a shot of something new. An energizer, as it were, to push this election over the top."
"What do you mean, Bulldog? I've been practicing my monotone all week! And I've been practicing that thing you told me about never looking directly into the camera - and you're right! The kids have stopped crying and the dogs have stopped trembling. Stroke of genius, that."

Television screens hovered about Harper and his best man, Finley as they hunkered in the Conservative bunker, looping speeches from the American presidential candidates. Their attention was momentarily pulled to one screen, where Senator John McCain seemingly had a crowd in mass hysteria, several people speaking in tongues as a duo in cowboy hats and string ties plunged their hands into a basket of rattlesnakes. To McCain's right, a straw-bonneted granny in a blue floral dress triumphantly flung her walker aside with the might of Atlas, causing one of McCain's aides to grab it before it toppled the fragile senator.

Harper squinted even more at the television, realizing that it wasn't an aide at all who had come to his rescue. It was his ticket mate, Sarah Palin, and with one clean shot from across the stage she'd taken the walker down. The crowd roared its approval; in that moment, Harper had his epiphany.

"Doug! It's simple. I just need a running mate who pretends to be all the things I'm not! I keep reading that people believe I can lead, but that they don't trust me. I mean, that's ridiculous. I've kept this government cobbled together for nearly 2 years, and both times I've allowed one of my people to speak to the press, they've said "no comment". Now, that's consistency for you. How can they not trust me?" Harper stared deeply into Finley's face, searching for answers, searching for acknowledgement. Finley quickly looked away.

"Mr. Harper, we don't have running mates here in Canada. And you need to be cautious. I mean, McCain made a wise pick in a pretty woman half his age - but, look, there, he looks positively embalmed next to her pageant smile. You don't want to cancel out your own gravitas by letting the understudy woo the opening night crowd," said Bulldog, wisely. He glanced at the monitor to see Sarah felling a tree, then rushing to the other side to catch it before it hit one of her kids.

"Hmmm. Softer, prettier, more modern...How about this?" Harper reached into a Sears bag that Loreen had dropped by earlier. He pulled from it a navy sweater vest. A cookie dropped from Bulldog Finley's mouth as his jaw gaped in surprise.
"Why, Mr. Harper, I've never seen something so...relaxed from you. It screams "off the cuff" and "natural". Think you can pull it off? I mean, it's the perfect message - and it's too bad you weren't wearing it when you shook your kid's hand on that first day of school a couple of years back. It's no wonder he's trying to spend more time with his friends," said Bulldog.
Harper hesitated, looking at the vest. "It's just, well, I'm worried about seeming contradictory," he said. Bulldog looked at him questioningly.
"What are you talking about, Mr. Harper?" he asked.
"Well, our motto this time around. Canada Cannot Afford Risky Experiments at a Time of Uncertainty...we paid a lot for that twaddle. We know here at the bunker that Canada actually can't afford not to change, but do you think it might compromise our message?"
"Not to worry. Voters expect politicians to exploit a certain amount of compromise. Why do you think Dion is having such a hard time with all that environmental babble? He actually means it!" With this, the two of them enjoyed a hearty laugh for a few seconds. The phone rang.

"The crew just called. They're ready for you on set," said Bulldog.
"What am I being sincere about today?" asked Harper, straightening his tie.
"Veterans," said Bulldog, perusing a script in his hand.
"Is it Remembrance Day already?" asked Harper.
"No, no, it's an election spot. Have you been listening to me? Put your vest on."

September 8, 2008

Over and Out

I'm off line for a few days....time to write!

Fight amongst yourselves, promise Webgod Jeff beer and gutter entertainment, and maybe you can bait him into feeding the blog...he did a magnificent job last time!

Or, Arlene. Arlene has the least you know all the grammar will be perfect.

September 6, 2008

Of Hadron Colliders and Oscar's Tummyache

When I've had enough of the North American press, which is often, I usually head over to the United Kingdom and trek through the British counterparts. Regardless of how large or staid the paper (I steer clear of the popular tabloids on both sides of the ocean), the Brits have a certain kind of whimsy that just busts out in their reporting.

On the Swiss/French border, scientists are about to test the Large Hardon Collider - an atom smashing device buried into the Alps. The device will send atomic particles around its 17 km long circumference "approximately 11,200 times every second, before smashing them headlong into one another." This is from the Timesonline, my favourite of all the mainstream papers.

Now, this might just be a kind of cool scientific reporting, except, it's not. Odd groups have trying to halt the project, stating that the "collider could produce a tiny black hole, which could eat the Earth." Now, picture John Cleese reporting on this. With a straight face. The headline? "Large Hadron Collider will not turn world to goo, promise scientists".

As I was pondering the end of earth (slated for Wednesday; stay tuned), I came upon this article in the Guardian. A little closer to earth, a man apparently heard an odd sound in his dog's belly; a vet found 13 golf balls in there. Take a look at the photo of the poor little pooch. His owner walked him near a golf course twice a day, and found it cute that the dog snorted out stray golf balls 'like truffles'. He somehow missed that Oscar was doing more than sniffing them out.

From atomic collisions that could disintegrate the earth, to a puppy with a belly full of golf balls. Maybe I'll hit the Independent in search of a middle ground.

September 5, 2008

Sarah Palin

I have a piece in today's Toronto Star, linked here.

Sometimes readers will write to Blame It On Lorraine asking about a column. I don't post those comments/questions, because they have to be formatted and posted by my Webgod, and it's a hassle. So. I'm going to C&P the first comment I received as a comment here, and then everyone can pile on as they like.

Oh, and for anyone questioning my admittedly heated performance on Live last night (I was exhausted and crabby - I probably shouldn't have gone), please google Ms. Marsden first, and check out her politics and peformances. There is only one way to go at her, and it was the way I did.

September 4, 2008

CHCH Live @5:30 Thursday

Don't worry - just one segment. But it's a doozy. While I've hardly covered up my feelings about Sarah Palin and the Republican ticket in general (see posting below), I still thought courteous discourse was a possibility.

Not so much. Tune in to see Rachel Marsden press her point. You be the judge.

September 3, 2008

Okay, Okay, You Knew I'd Get To It

I was gonna stay out of it. Really, I was. The Sarah Palin joke was writing itself, and while the final, gut-wrenching punchline could still be that Americans are as stupid as they were 4 years ago, and vote this mess into the highest office, at least they couldn't say they didn't see it coming.

But instead, I am still watching this train wreck of a Republican ticket be defended. It's like in some time bending continuum, the GOP are spending more time trying to convince us they actually vetted Ms. Palin than they actually spent doing it. Actually, I think they spent more time in the beer tent than they spent going over her history. And while I constantly call the media out for not doing their job, I have to admit, this time, they not only did their own job, but the GOP nomination committee's as well.

Now, they're blaming that media for the circus atmosphere that has descended. Oh, boo. When they're the ones saying the most appalling things, it's fine. Now, in a line of reasoning that smells as badly as the moose guts that Ms. Palin has apparently left scattered over the frozen tundra, the media should back off the little lady.

Let's do a little check up on their own treatment of some other women. Remember a girl named Chelsea Clinton? Remember Mr. McCain's 'joke' at her expense when she was 18? Sure you do. He said, at a Republican Senate Fundraiser that Chelsea was so ugly because Janet Reno was her father. Now, I recognize that I will never be President of the U.S., for many, many reasons. But mostly because if he had said that about my daughter, I would have reached up through his nostrils and pulled his brains out through his nose.

But, back then it was okay to denigrate any woman, and hopefully in the basest way possible. Rush Limbaugh, that symbol of masculinity and good journalism, famously held up a picture of the Clinton's cat, then held up a picture of 13-year-old Chelsea and declared her to be the White House dog. I would have gotten to his nose next.

But, okay. These attacks on Chelsea (and we can't even begin to count the garbage heaped on her mother over the years) at least were flung to the other side. Maybe it's proper, even chivalrous, for the McCain team to be protecting Palin from a riotous, hounding press. Except, don't forget what McCain said to his own wife in 1992. With witnesses, on the campaign trail. "At least I don't plaster on the makeup like a trollop, you c**t".

Yup. Class act, this guy. If that's how he treats his Trophy Wife, who has used her vast resources to fuel his political journey to the top of the world, how is he going to treat his Trophy Vice? Actually, maybe Ms. Palin will do what Cindy McCain should have done years ago - she's apparently a great shot.

But Mr. McCain, if Chelsea Clinton wasn't out of bounds all those years ago, and for all those years, why are Ms. Palin's family suddenly supposed to be untouchables? She herself has repeatedly run on platforms trumpeting her own family values, and announcing her plans to declare her way is the only way, and yet we can't see for ourselves how that is working out?

Don't forget she's a creationist; backs abstinence only sex-ed; tried to fire the librarian in her town when she became mayor because said librarian refused to pull a list of books that SP disagreed with; became mayor of a town with zero debt, left the office with the town 22 million in the hole; didn't tell her constituents she was having a 5th kid until she was 7 months pregnant, then back on the job 3 days after giving birth (sorry. I will never, ever see this as a sign of a strong women. it's stupid); and, most remarkable (at least to my ears), saying that her daughter had 'decided' to have her baby. Now, stop me if I'm wrong, but isn't that 'decision' the one she is bound and determined to remove from all other women? Curious....

Oh, and this: she knew at 3 months she was carrying a kid with DS. She heroically went ahead with the pregnancy (even though 90% of women in this case do not. Even republican ones). Why have the test if abortion was never an option?

When asked a few months back on her stand on the Iraq war, she indicated that she didn't know much about it, and therefore didn't really have a stand. Interesting, considering her oldest child is heading over there in a week. I won't let my kid go to the Eaton's Centre, because I think it's dangerous. But at least I checked it out before making up my mind....

But lastly, and most importantly, this woman is prepared to push her children off a cliff to get a job. There is no end to what she is willing to expose them to - I know Alaska is remote, but did she seriously think her kids would escape all this? After what Chelsea and the Bush Twits went through?

After the initial shock and awe of this nomination choice, I truly think the press is getting a little green around the gills. Too many innocents have been tugged into this nasty fight, and while there doesn't seem to be a ton of people trying to pretend that Sarah Palin is fit for this office, I despise what she and her husband are putting the kids through.

Wonder if they even got asked?

September 2, 2008

CTS On The Line 2:00

Good topics today with Christine Williams - teens and driving, the role of 'averages' in our school schools, and ride sharing when you commute. Tune in live, you can even call in!

I will be back to blogging soon. Maybe even today. There is so much going on in the news I'm champing at the bit (Sarah Palin? Really? No, really?), and with the summer done things will settle a little. I think.